Gannon introduces new programs to CEB and Morosky


Natalee Stinebiser, Assistant Editor

As part of Gannon University’s commitment to provide quality education to prepare students for their future careers, the College of Engineering and Business (CEB) and the Morosky Academic Center will be introducing more academic offerings from a series of new programs.

These programs range from a certificate-level to graduate-level degree. In the CEB, the new programs are the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, the Information Systems Security Online Certificate and even a minor in Innovation and Creativity. In the Morosky Academic Center, the new programs include the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology and the Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

As an extension to the pre-existing program, Gannon will be offering the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (MS-BME) with concentrations in biomechanics and bio-robotics. This degree prepares graduates with knowledge in research and practical applications of biological as well as medical principles in biomedical engineering, making them strong candidates for several research and supervisory positions.

Davide Piovesan, Ph.D., director of the biomedical engineering program, encourages students to pursue the new MS-BME program.

“The new MS-BME program allows students to have an excellent preparation on cutting edge topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics and material science, so they are ready to hit the ground running when entering the employment world or a Ph.D. program,” Piovesan said.

The program integrates health care and technical knowledge to provide  point of care solutions. Students can either pursue a four-semester long graduate program or earn a combined MS-BME with one additional year in the accelerated program. An accelerated degree can be a big deciding factor for students, like freshman Jacob Bella, who is enrolled in the program.

“Whenever I found out that Gannon was offering this program, it was easier for me to commit here,” Bella said. “It is a great opportunity to be able to get both your bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years. It is nice that I will be able to continue working with the same professors that I have known for years versus having to go to a different school to get my master’s degree.”

The CEB is also introducing a new Information Systems Security Online Certificate. Beginning next fall, students will be able to apply to the 12-credit program, which can be completed 100% online within one year. This timeline allows students to obtain ISS credentials much faster than a traditional graduate program, making it a convenient option for those who are looking to enter the cyber market while balancing a professional career and personal life. The online graduate certificate program in information systems security prepares graduates or working professionals who have no previous cyber training to expand their skills.

Finally, the CEB will introduce a new minor in Innovation and Creativity. With the first course to be offered next fall, students can start applying for this program. As the search for individuals who specialize in innovation and creativity grows around the world, educators have been asked to imbed strategies that foster and develop creativity and innovation into curriculum throughout the entire education system. This minor helps students to think critically and explore creativity. This is done with an emphasis on collaboration, modeling and reflection. This minor complements any type of degree, including the humanities, the sciences, education and business. The majority of the minor’s 15 credits count toward Gannon’s Liberal Studies Core requirements making it easy for any student to obtain.

As of this semester, students are able to enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders program through the Morosky Academic Center. This degree provides graduates with the science and educational foundation for understanding and treating speech, language, hearing and swallowing disorders.

From this degree, graduates will be prepared to move further into their education of speech-language pathology or obtain professions in speech-language pathology, audiology, rehabilitation therapy, special education, and counseling. With this, students are able to apply for the accelerated 5-year program to obtain both their bachelor’s and master’s degree. This would be done by completing the undergraduate curriculum in 3 years at the Erie campus and finishing another two years at the Ruskin campus. If students do not wish to participate in the accelerated program, Gannon offers a Post-Baccalaureate in Communication Sciences and Disorders, which allows students who have already obtained their bachelor’s degree to complete pre-requisite courses for admission to other graduate programs.

This semester, the Morosky Academic Center has also introduced its Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology. This degree will prepare graduates to obtain careers as practicing speech-language pathologists. Graduates will acquire the skills to diagnose and provide evidence-based treatment within this specific practice. It is in a collaborative partnership with the master’s degree in speech-language pathology at the Ruskin campus to be able to provide students with all resources and opportunities to grow in this field.


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