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In Defense of Natural Sounds: Restoring the Tranquility of AJ’s Way

February 16, 2024/Midnight

Gannon University has a unique college campus, consisting of a collection of concrete buildings scattered across Erie’s west side.

This concrete conglomerate has little to no green spaces within it, though it is fortunate enough to look over the beautiful Presque Isle Bay.

However, one green space we are afforded at Gannon is the lovely AJ’s Way. A well-lit and well-traveled path connecting the northern half and southern half of the “campus” together.

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AJ’s Way is a refreshing place for students to study, talk, walk, eat, and escape the concrete commotion that surrounds them. It is also among the last remaining places in Erie’s downtown where trees reside. AJ’s Way has historically been a tranquil place that, for a moment, allows one to breathe in something resembling fresh air.

The only sounds that used to fill the space in AJ’s Way were student and faculty chatter, birds chirping, the wind blowing through the tree’s canopies, and the occasional siren from the unfortunate proximity of the world of concrete.

Now, however, that tranquility has been invaded by a technological influence. Gannon’s award-winning radio station, 90.5 WERG, has obtained access to speakers pointed at our green space. This intrusion has caused a thunderous disturbance, filling a once serene environment with “This Week’s Top 40.”

The WERG is a wonderful program that fills many car radios with the joyous sounds of alternative rock.

Nevertheless, is it too much to ask that in this concrete campus our one natural reserve may reserve its natural sounds?

Students use headphones to block out those sounds if they wish; unfortunately, the WERG is preventing us from experiencing those sounds. It is in the best interest of Gannon students who enjoy natural spaces to be allowed to listen to the sounds of our only one.

In this world of ever-expanding technology and ever-diminishing green spaces, we have so few refuges from the noise of modern society. AJ’s Way, however small it is, is one of those refuges. To cut through the noise and hear ourselves think as well as reflect in nature, we need a place to listen.

AJ’s Way should be a reserved green space that is unimpeded by musical intrusion via speakers. AJ’s Way is that place on campus where students can go to escape the noise.

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