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History of Middle East war

February 23, 2024/Midnight 


Erie Pa., –The Arab Israeli war of 1948 broke out when five Arab nations invaded a territory in the Palestinian mandate immediately after the independence of the state of Israel was announced. Now, over 7 decades later the conflicts continue to rise and the number of fatalities with it. With ever passing day there are more stories, more information, more catastrophes. From the UK’s involvement to hostages and deaths. There is a constant flow of different events.  

Prince William provided his concern regarding the extensive period of the military offense in Gaza and stated to CNN, “End to the fighting…as soon as possible.” 

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The prince has been regarding the happenings in the Middle east since the Hamas attack in early October. The attacks had killed around 1,200 people in Israel and the Israeli attacks have since then killed at an estimated 29,092 Palestinians and have injured more. Besiegement has crushed the health care, wiped out neighborhoods, and exposed millions to multiple ailments.  

William used his position to call an increased support to Gaza to provide aid and help for any hostages taken by Hamas. Thousands of children only account for 1% of those displaced but are in critical need of mental and psychological support. 

The strip of Gaza that has been demolished by the ongoing attacks has most recently taken out the most prominent and functioning hospital. The hospital was believed to be holding the hostages’ bodies, but Hamas heavily denied these assumptions.  

The hospital was shelled, and many were injured. Staff of the hospital were forced to flee through a checkpoint that was being watched by Israeli snipers who had killed at least two people. Patients were forced to be transported to less than hospitable conditions without food or water. 

Gaza has been rapidly moving towards catastrophic destruction since December 2023. Through a satellite image it can be shown the sheer multitude of homes, businesses, and other buildings laid to waste.  

Personal items can be found strewn across the demolished land, furniture and clothing prove that there used to be life encased behind now crumbled walls. Khan Younis, is one of the besieged cities in southern Gaza, has forever been physically between Israel and Hamas.  

The city has been a major stronghold for the Hamas and has been an area where the Israeli military has urged major numbers to flee in the early days.  

Safe havens are running in short supply. In the city of Rafah, makeshift tents are being made for those who seek safety and to get out of the open. Displaced crowds reaching into the millions are all hunkered down together in a shelter that is rapidly expanding. All are and have been preparing for another ground assault on their tented city.  

When troops arrive, there will be nowhere to go. The constant hum of drones awakens Palestinians providing reminders that they are close. Bombing has been becoming more common in the surrounding areas. Escaping has not been an option due to Egypt being closed for months. Each day has added a different building or structure to the list of places that have been destroyed due to the bombing. Little by little bombs inch closer to the city of Rafah. 

Rafah has been a non-permanent solution to the influx of displaced Palestinians up until this point. The Prime Minister of Israeli, Benjamin Netanyahu has made the decision to direct the plan for evacuation of Rafah. This decision was made in preparation of the ground assault on the city. As mentioned before there is no clear plan of where these millions of stranded and displaced people should go.  

Most have already tried to seek refuge in Egypt, but the country has been closed for months. Evacuation would allow the displaced to remain safe from the coming attacks, but this is a temporary solution to a problem that will likely remain in the aftermath. There are less and less places to go that will be safe from the attacks. 

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