Eighth President of Gannon University Chosen
Charlize Harding , News Editor • December 5, 2022

Walter Iwanenko Jr. Ph.D. will succeed President Keith Taylor Ph.D. as the eighth president of Gannon University effective June 30th, 2023. His...

Fetterman’s lead dwindles in Pennsylvania Senate Race
Addison Price, Staff writer • October 31, 2022

ERIE, PA, Oct. 9 -- Former Lt. Gov., John Fetterman, loses his 10-point lead in Pennsylvania Senate race against Dr. Mehmet Oz. With about 5...

SOE hosts school safety conference
Ali Smith, Arts and Leisure Editor • October 28, 2022

The School of Education hosted a school safety conference in Palumbo Saturday, featuring guest speakers from across Erie County prepared to educate...

Gannon University’s Literary Magazine
Jillian Wells, Staff Writer • October 28, 2022

Gannon’s literary art magazine, The Totem, has been around for sixty years and is still publishing prose, poetry and art from students, faculty,...

Honors undergoes changes
Honors undergoes changes
Charlize Harding, News Editor • October 10, 2022

The Honors Program is an opportunity to be further engaged in the Gannon community and to build characteristics of leadership development through...

Rove speaks at Global Summit
Nicolas Bell, Staff Writer • October 28, 2022

Over the next four weeks, the Jefferson Educational Society, Gannon University and Cathedral Prep will host and organize the Global Summit. ...

In life, Caroline DiPlacido was a light at Gannon. She cared deeply about everyone, but especially students.
Commemorating DiPlacido’s heart in wake of death
October 10, 2022

In life, Caroline DiPlacido brought light and kindness to Gannon University. In death, she leaves a void.   DiPlacido was the project coordinator...

For many college students, this midterm elections candidates platforms remain unclear. This makes it difficult for college voters to stay informed.
Midterm elections cause confusion for college students
Molly Begeman, Features Editor • October 10, 2022

Pennsylvania in 2022 is a hotbed of political change.  With the midterm elections coming up, Pennsylvania could go either way politically,...

While inflation impacts the entire American economy, college students are particularly affected.
Students react to inflation rate
Quoc Huy Ngo, Staff Writer • October 10, 2022

Since August 2022, the inflation rate dropped 8.3%, but there is still gloom over the national economy.     Analysts said that there is...

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