Community theaters offer student discounts

In the Erie area, your student ID can give you a discounted theater experience and sometimes a free one.

The local theater groups in the area include Dramashop, the Erie Playhouse, All An Act Theatre and Gannon’s Schuster Theatre. You can get a discounted student ticket at the local theaters and if you bring your ID to the Schuster Theatre, you get in for free.

It would definitely be good to see some of the shows because you will be supporting fellow Gannon students at some of these performances. This also can include community theatre. Two Gannon students performed in “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” – a satire rock musical that depicts President Andrew Jackson as an emo rock star – at Dramashop

That musical looks especially challenging because the actors have to be able to sing rock music and play many different characters.

Occasionally, you can also see Gannon students at the Erie Playhouse as well.

Putting on a play or a musical takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and it is always good to come see the finished product. I especially feel this way because I am an actor. I’m in Joe Orton’s “Loot” at the Schuster Theatre. It was an extremely difficult show to pull off, but the audience was laughing as soon as it opened.

At the Schuster Theatre, students are involved in all aspects of theater, not just performance. They help out with box office as well as the technical aspects. The work studies in the scene shop help build the set, which was designed by the technical director, Jax Kubiak. While some work studies can build many different kinds of sets, others design costumes.

During the tech days, many students help paint many different set pieces that will be used in the upcoming play.

The props master is the jack of all trades. He or she finds or makes the props that will be used in the upcoming show. Sometimes they have to make an array of things, such as angel wings used in “GRRRLZ,” veils used in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” and flower wreaths used in Gannon’s current production, “Loot.”

The shows at Gannon are also stage managed by students. Students who stage manage shows  make sure the actors are always on top of their game. Because of them, actors know where to be, when they’re supposed to be there and they don’t forget their props.

I encourage you to see local theater in Erie. Students are often involved in the community theatres and are involved in every aspect of The Schuster Theatre, and you can see it for free with your Gannon ID.



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