‘Star Wars’ fan excited to see upcoming movies

April 22, 2015

I became interested in “Star Wars” at the age of 10. Episode III was in theaters, and I had not yet seen any of the movies. At the summer day camp I attended, everyone brought lightsabers and had lightsaber battles. I...

‘Free food’ incentive is not always effective

February 25, 2015

Free Food – a phrase that motivates almost every college student to attend whatever event offers it. Free food has been given at various events at The Knight Club as well as spaghetti dinners at a local church. Although free...

Students gain experience though volunteering

February 25, 2015

  At Gannon University, a certain number of service hours are required for each student. Two opportunities to rack up service hours are volunteering at the Kids Cafe and the A.N.N.A. Shelter. Kids Cafe is a volunteer...

Daily hour of no classes would ease schedules

February 4, 2015

At 11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, no classes are scheduled. Gannon intends this for students to attend Mass, because it is a Catholic school after all. Because that time slot is open, meetings for many organizations and departments...

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Mike Fujito