Dahlkemper School of Business updates curriculum to offer two new majors next fall

Gannon University’s Dahlkemper School of Business is restructuring and updating the curriculum and offering two new majors in fall 2015 – healthcare management and supply chain management.

Healthcare management is a rapidly changing field that oversees the care of patients: who is administering the care, how the care is being administered and how the care is being financed.

Healthcare management is utilized in many different types of facilities including hospitals, physician’s offices and long-term care facilities.

The healthcare management program will teach students how to be managers with knowledge in the latest trends in the field, and the role healthcare executives take on when making contributions to the communities served by the healthcare organization.

“I think that Gannon offering this major is really awesome for someone like me,” Kelsey Bright said.

She said as a physical therapy major, having the opportunity to major in healthcare management is very helpful and realistic.

“Other health science majors like occupational therapy and pre-med would also really benefit because this major allows us to gain a good background on the knowledge of business operations. If we wanted to open our own facility we would know what to do and would be able to be self-sufficient business owners.”

The supply chain management program intends to have a qualitative, technical focus on inventory management, transportation management, enterprise resource planning, sourcing and procurement.

A firm’s supply chain managers are required to plan the firm’s operations in conjunction with suppliers’ and customers’ operations.

The demand for rapid and continuous flow of operations in a firm’s production facilities has caused an increased need for planning and control.

Students will learn the software required for the field through Gannon and its new partnership with SAP University Alliances to optimize the field’s key processes, project planning, plant and materials management and supply chain management.

“I think it is great that Gannon is offering these new majors to allow students to really focus on a certain field to study while in school,” Alex Bohman, a senior advertising communication major, said.

“The knowledge gained from having a major for a student’s specific field of interest will help Gannon bring in more students.

“Also allowing students to specialize in different fields, like supply chain management and healthcare management, should increase the chance of those students in getting and retaining jobs in those fields.”



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