‘Star Wars’ fan excited to see upcoming movies

I became interested in “Star Wars” at the age of 10. Episode III was in theaters, and I had not yet seen any of the movies.

At the summer day camp I attended, everyone brought lightsabers and had lightsaber battles.

I eventually gave in and started watching the movies. I was absolutely blown away.

After watching the original trilogy, I received two lightsabers for my birthday. Not too long after, I watched the episodes I and II. My 10-year-old self was in shock after seeing Darth Maul’s two-sided lightsaber.

Finally, I got to see “Revenge of the Sith” in theaters. After that movie, I thought I would never get to see a new “Star Wars” movie in theaters again.

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard they were making “The Force Awakens.”

When the first trailer was released, there were many mixed reviews.

It featured BB-8, a droid that moved on a soccer ball, and the villain Kylo Ren has a cross-guard lightsaber, which caused some people to believe the movie would be a disaster – even though I personally love the cross-guard lightsaber.

I guess my 10-year-old lightsaber-obsessed self is still there.

In fact, I even heard some people say that Disney would do a terrible job with the new Star Wars movie. I have two arguments to counter that idea.

First, Disney was in charge of “The Avengers,” which is rated 199 on the IMDB top 250, as well as many other Marvel movies. Secondly, the second trailer caused my inner “Star Wars” fan to freak out in several emotions at once.

The trailer begins with the iconic John Williams background music known as “May the Force Be With You” behind the sand dessert of Tatooine, the planet where Luke Skywalker grew up.

The next thing I heard was the familiar voice of Luke Skywalker saying, “The Force is strong in my family” in front of a crushed Darth Vader mask.

I suddenly geeked out and knew that I could not wait any longer for this movie to be released. Then a hooded Luke Skywalker said, “I have it” as a mechanical hand came out of his robe – I was about ready to cry when the mechanical hand came out of the robe.

The rest of the trailer shows small moments of action scenes from the movie, and they revealed the mask of Kylo Ren. At the end, I heard Han Solo say, “Chewie! We’re home!”

I am now asking myself what is in store for the next movie?

I have looked at many websites predicting what may happen in the movie. I found many predictions – which could be completely bogus – including the death of an original character and Luke’s original lightsaber playing an important part in the story.

Whatever does occur in the movie, I am extremely excited for it to be released, and I cannot wait to see a lightsaber duel with a cross-guard lightsaber.



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