Students have opportunity to be mentors


By being part of the GU Street Team, students serve as role models while creating friendships with new students.

Now is the time to apply for the GU Street Team. The Street Team is a group of student role models who will help new students adjust to the Gannon University community.

While working with Gannon faculty, they share information about personal, academic and social resources for students.

The Street Team members have many responsibilities. They include fostering a positive transition to life on Gannon’s campus, serving as a positive role model for new students, assisting with the Preview GU activities in August of 2015, initiating and developing open communication with faculty and students, and communicating and upholding Gannon’s policies while serving as a friend and mentor to new students.

These responsibilities may sound like a lot, but the Street Team members are not only just role models for first-year students but also help with the adjustment to college life.

Student Organizations and Leadership Development (SOLD) director Beth Shick said Preview GU Street Team staff are student role models as well as a source of support for first-year students in making the transition to Gannon.

“They will play a major role in facilitating the adjustment of new students to the Gannon University community,” she said. “They will share information about academic, personal and social resources while working collaboratively with faculty and staff.”

Because Street Team members play such a large role in helping with the adjustment to college life, there is a list of highly selective criteria for team members.

Team members must have a good academic and disciplinary standing, including a cumulative  GPA of 2.5 or higher. Additionally, Street Team members must also have an ability to work closely with others, a positive attitude and flexibility, because those skills are needed to help new students feel welcome.

It would also be useful for street team members to be able to think on their feet because they will be in situations involving helping other students that require improvisation.

Members of the Street Team must also undergo a lot of training. The training they receive includes learning how to identify students at risk, starting conversations, learning about diversity, understanding the needs of commuters and international students and helping helicopter parents and over-involved students.

The training exists because the Street Team will have to practice these skills in real life. This means, they will have to identify students at risk, start conversations with new students and understand diversity.

The training also teaches the Street Team members how to help many types of students including students who lack social skills.

The diversity training would be important because Gannon students come from many different backgrounds. Many students at Gannon do not come from the United States.

Additionally, there could be students of other religions who feel out of place at a Catholic school.

There are also benefits for the students that are part of the Street Team. They will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner along with staff t-shirts during Preview GU. Leadership and professionalexperience will be gained for resume content.  In addition to resume content, EngageU Transcript credit will be given.

Applications for the Street Team can be found on EngageU and must be turned in before 5 p.m. Friday.


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