Vice President of Clubs and Organizations: Katy Roose


assistant a&l editor

Why are you running for VP of Clubs and Organizations?
Currently, I am in the position now, so I know that with my studies and everything, I can handle the workload. Over the time of my term, I fell in love with my position.
I made it my own, but next year, I plan to make a lot of changes we agreed on. I will move toward gathering data from the students, so that’s my big goal.
I want every student’s voice heard through a data point. Aside from the passion that I have for SGA, I plan to run for this position we revamped because it’s going in a good direction for students.

What are your goals if you were to be elected as the VP of Clubs and Organizations?
If elected, one of my top goals is to have at least one-third of the student body surveyed on various topics. We have 4,128 – I believe – students. Ideally, I would survey all of them, but certain things – such as people being busy or not responding – make it not possible.
My second goal is to offer that, having an initiative plan completed by the end of my term.
I want to offer what the students want based on the data. If what they want goes through administration, we will have what the students want.
I also want better communications with student organizations and SGA, and better GU Gold procedures.

What have you accomplished during your time on campus/ in SGA?
A lot of the things I have accomplished have been worked on as a team. I work best on a team. So, one of the biggest things I worked on was the GOLD conference. We had the teaser this past fall, which was really successful.
I personally feel as though I really developed as a leader through that. Unity Week is also something I want to make better, and I have been on teams in the past.
As far as non-SGA accomplishments, I am a part of Phi Sigma Sigma social sorority.
I am currently the risk management chair so I am working on a self-defense seminar to boost the women power on campus and especially in sororities.
I’m also in Psychology Club and Phi Eta Sigma doing service.

Why should the students vote for you?
People should vote for me because it is important to elect a leader you trust in your abilities, but someone you also like, and my goal is to make people happy and however I can do that following the university’s initiatives.
My goal here is to make everyone’s time here the four or five or however many years you are at Gannon are the best of your life, and I want Gannon to have a big impact on you.
I am also very open to suggestions and very good at figuring out new solutions.

Is there anything you’d like them to know about you?
I want students to realize, as student government, we are your voice. And taking my position to the next level by turning the students’ desires into data to show to administration or community saying, “This is what Gannon students want.” The data can start a movement.
Empowering students is important and something I’m good at doing.

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