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Editor tries to grasp concept of ‘me time’

My days are planned to a T. I live my life by my little polka-dot pocket agenda that is filled top to bottom, side to side with classes, meetings, rehearsals, plans, test dates, assignments and reminders.

It’s a little Type A. It’s a little compulsive. But if I didn’t know what I was doing every hour of the day, I wouldn’t know which hours I have to relax.

They’re few, trust me. However, I’m finding more and more that those few hours are critical to my mental health.

I know there are probably more “weirdos” like me, maybe some even reading this paper, and we’ve got to be there for each other because this lifestyle is one rickety rollercoaster.

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I feel like mental health is such a taboo word. Stick with me here; this isn’t going to be an advertisement for Zoloft. What I’m trying to point out is that college can be a very trying time for some.

It is stressful, it makes us anxious, we feel pressure, some of us get homesick — for reasons I can’t begin to fathom— and that is a lot for a young adult to deal with. Apparently, our brains aren’t even fully developed until 25.

How can you test my brain if it’s not even developed?

College is also a really fun time, if you’re doing it right.

The memories I cherish the most aren’t the times when I aced the test or gave a great presentation on ethics — they’re the times I spent building an igloo outside of Harborview or playing Tilly in “The Melancholy Play” or all of the times that we ate Porky’s and watched every episode of “Bob’s Burgers.”

I find myself in the thick of things with my coursework.

I’m in the initial stages of thesis, which are very similar to the stages of death, and lately I look at myself in the mirror with bloodshot eyes and Post-it notes in various places. It’s not a good look.

I have the hardest time telling myself to take a break. When my friends are overworked and stressed I dole out great advice — I ask them to keep calm, take time for themselves, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Somehow I can’t seem to follow my own advice.

When someone asks me if I’m available to help them with a project, if I see a time slot open on my schedule, I say yes. I don’t rationalize that I need to have time where I’m not doing something to say do my homework or study or take a bubble bath.

I love bubble baths and lately I have been depriving myself of one of the greatest American pastimes. Don’t worry, I still bathe regularly.

It’s important to remember that students require more than just one deep breath.

We need several breaths… in a row… possibly alternated with bites of Cold Stone in between.

And the idea that Sunday is for the day of rest, Sunday is the day to catch up on all of the things I didn’t manage to get done during the week.

At least, that’s how things are now, but I’m optimistic that things will get better.

They say that business aids in productivity. I don’t know who “they” are, but I hope they’re right. Even if I can’t manage to find more time in my schedule, I am aiming to have a better outlook on all of the things that I do have to juggle.




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