Unstoppable on the Court

Kira Rios, Sports Editor

Erie, Pa, January 31, 2023—What happens on the court, doesn’t stay on the court.

Gannon’s women basketball has had an unbelievable season with 19 wins and only 3 losses so far this season.

With the Knights being untouchable, they have 11 wins for the PSAC West season, and averaging 20 points higher than most of their opponents their strong season lets them be in the good and advance into the conference.

With their most recent game this past Saturday, January 28th against the Edinboro Fighting Scots, at 1:00 pm at the Highmark Events Center, the Knights won 80-63.

Having a strong team means having a strong offense and defense —  and that is what this women’s basketball team helps demonstrate. The teamwork and chemistry the team has is unbeatable and creates a strong core for their wins.

The Knights  rank eighth in the D2S1DA Division II Top 25 and 22nd in the WBCA. The team is one win away from their eighth 20-win season under  Coach Cleve Wright.

Their latest game against Edinboro helped determine who would be in first for the PSAC West. The Fighting Scots were determined to win the game and tie for first place, yet they were unsuccessful.

Shortly after the first ten minutes, the Knights took the advantage of a 9-point lead with the score being 24-15. Starting strong, the Gannon Knights made 9 out of their 12 shots helping give this advantage over the Fighting Scots.

The Fighting Scots proved their dedication to win the game and strived to fight for their win. While they were unsuccessful of pulling ahead, Edinboro did put up a fight and were able to tie with Gannon three times.

Heading into the second quarter, the Knights made seven straight points giving them a 10-0 run and helped create a 16-point gap with 6:30 remaining. The third quarter gave the Gannon Knights a 20-point lead of 57-37 with 1:26 remaining. Despite their star shooter, Samantha Pirosko, sitting out due to fouls, and Emma Wright, injured in the corner, the team still pulled ahead.

In the fourth quarter, the Fighting Scots fought with everything they had to make a comeback for the victory they were hoping for. Edinboro was able to close the gap from 72-52 to 72-60, by making 8 points with 3 minutes and 48 seconds left in the game.

Yet, this wasn’t enough to create a win for the Fighting Scots. While they were able to make another three pointer, this wouldn’t be enough to save them. The Gannon Knights finished the Fighting Scots off by scoring 6 straight points and ending the game 80-62.

The women’s basketball team has continuously proven that they aren’t here to mess around but are here to play to win. Their strong offense and defense show repeatedly the importance of teamwork and that their dedication creates an unstoppable team.

The Gannon Knight’s next game is February 1st at 5:30 p.m. —  where they are up against Slippery Rock —  at the Highmark Events Center, The team is in pursuit of their 20th win of the season.