Waldron Campus Center renovation makes progress

Rejuvenated space offers student life opportunities

Charlize Harding, News Editor

Waldron Campus Center was renovated for the first time since 2000.  

The goal of the renovation is to create a space where students can enjoy programming, socialize, study and engage with others. 

The renovation focused on the second floor of the building, directly above Doc’s Landing and had three phases.  

The first phase involved modernizing the base infrastructure. The pillars were redesigned, and the walls were repainted.  

The second phase included a renovation of the furniture. High-top student tables that feature charging stations, movable furniture and a stage were added.  

The final phase is still in the works and involves the addition of audio-visual and decoration equipment like televisions, paintings and a finalized permanent stage set-up.  

Waldron, like most of the buildings on campus, has a rich history. The renovations are not to erase of this history, but to provide a more up to date environment for the Gannon community. When Waldron and Beyer Hall were united twenty years ago, the goal was to create a central spot for student use. Now, with this renovation, that goal is being realized.  

Activities Programming Board, or APB, and Student Government Association, or SGA, played a major role in the renovations. This project has been years in the works, and both past and present APB and SGA presidents have helped spearhead it.  

SGA President Joeseph Pfleger, a sophomore pre-law and finance major, said that this years-long vision is finally coming to fruition. 

“This thorough process to deliver on the promise of an open and student friendly space is finally coming to be reality for the students on campus,” Pfleger said. “As soon as the finalized concepts had been finished, the opportunity to have a wonderful, finished space like this as soon as possible was something we could not pass on and thus the space is being used by students currently although the project itself is not finalized. 

While there are still updates to be made, the rest of the renovation will not hinder students from using the space, Pfleger said.  

“With only Audio-Visual equipment and decorations left to be installed any installations will not be major or cause mass disruption,” Pfleger said. “We are hoping that the project will be completed soon. However ongoing delays in the supply chain world in relation to audio-visual equipment have made setting a finalized date for completion difficult.” 

While there is no set completion date, it is hopeful that the remaining renovations will be completed by the end of the semester. Until then, students are free to continue utilizing the space, Pfleger said.  

“These continued renovations to the Waldron Campus center are initiated by the students for the students use in order to rejuvenate the space and provide a brand-new space for student use,” Pfleger said. “The ultimate goal is that this space will make campus and especially student life more enjoyable.”


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