Event to promote exercise being held in Field House


Good for U, Gannon University’s initiative to promote wellness throughout the campus community, invites students, faculty and staff to talk about and learn how exercise is medicine.
The Sport and Exercise Science Department will be hosting an event called “Exercise is Medicine” at the Recreation and Wellness Center Field House and Rec Room from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday to communicate how exercising could be better than taking cold medicine.
This event is mainly directed toward freshmen, as they are “fresh” to the world of living by themselves, but all are encouraged to join in the activities. There will be sports and fitness assessments, tents with presentations about nutrition and people talking about sports clubs, intramurals and group fitness. Even the batting cages will be open.
Exercise has a very positive impact on everyone’s life, said Debra Stroiney, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the sport and exercise science department.
“College-age obesity rates are going up, and we want to display nutrition options and physical exercise,” she said. “Studies show that people who are active have higher GPAs.”
If a higher GPA doesn’t motivate you to attend this event and learn about all the benefits of exercise, there will also be samples from the Juice Bar at the Fresh Café located on the first level of the RWC.
The “Exercise is Medicine” event fits into the Gannon message of keeping yourself not only physical healthy, but also making sure you are eating healthy, too.

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