Relay for Life Event


It was more than just “a little off the top” for junior biology major Evan DeFalco at Gannon University’s recent Relay for Life fundraising event at the Recreation and Wellness Center. DeFalco shed his long locks for a shorter hairdo to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

How long had you been growing your hair out?

I began growing my hair halfway through my senior year of high school (I am currently a junior at Gannon). I did get about 9 inches cut last February and donated it to “Pantene Beautiful Lengths.” I continued to let it grow until I just recently got it all cut off.

Why did you decide it was time to cut it all off? Other than to raise money for Relay for Life, of course. Was it a tough decision?

The idea started last semester when Casey Hills and I were talking about how we should look totally different to mess with people when we came back for senior year of college.
That idea changed into developing a philanthropy event to raise money for Relay for Life.
I was a little leery at first, but once we told a few people, we saw a positive reaction and that made the decision easier.

Do you feel like a new man now? Any plans on starting all over and bringing it back to its former glory?

I like this question. I honestly feel the same, except with added confidence.
Everyone has been really supportive of my new hair style and saying nice things, which makes the change easier to adjust to.
I thought about it, but I will soon start medical interviews and I should probably stick to the short hair. Maybe once I get a stable job, I will grow out the mane once more.

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