Wellness takes over Gannon with seven vendor-filled zones


The 11th annual Gannon University Wellness Fair took place on Tuesday at the Recreation and Wellness Center.

In attendance at the event were more than 90 vendors from throughout the Erie and Gannon communities, all of which were there in order to assist with the event. Each of these vendors offered different activities that were specifically designed to address at least one of the seven facets of wellness that are reflected in the university’s model.

Also in attendance at the event were a multitude of people from the Gannon community. Most of the crowd consisted of students, but there was also a large showing of Gannon employees and faculty that returned to campus after their work day in the name of supporting the event; a good amount of employees even brought family members along with them.

Gannon’s radio station, 90.5 WERG, offered its services in order to help the event run as smoothly as possible. Zack Hyman, a freshman theatre and communication arts major, was at the fair representing WERG. Hyman’s job was to promote the new Wellness Café and relay announcements over the PA system, and this position helped him to develop a full appreciation for the success that the fair was able to achieve.

“I’m actually really impressed with just how many people have turned out for this event,” he said. “I love seeing and meeting all of these people who are all here in the name of promoting wellness in our community.”

Steve Large, Ph.D, director of health and counseling services at Gannon, was also helping with the event. He could be found representing Gannon’s Health and Counseling Services at a table that had set out to address the emotional facet of wellness.

Large, much like Hyman, was also impressed with the fair, but for a slightly different reason.

“I am impressed with how comprehensive and interactive they were able to make this event,” he said. “I truly admire how this Wellness Fair has proven to be inclusive for all people that exist in the Gannon community.”

Nate Reckner, a sophomore biology major and a member of the Gannon wrestling team, said he was able to find an activity at the fair that will help with his conditioning and training for wrestling.

“The swimmers had me do a breathing test that told me my lung capacity,” he said. “This is information I can really use in order to adjust my training for wrestling and improve my overall physical wellness.”

Reckner also spoke to his overall feelings regarding the Wellness Fair.

“To be honest I never even knew that Gannon had a Wellness Fair,” he said. “But now, after being here and seeing what an awesome event it is, I will definitely come back next year.”

“I just think this great for the university’s image in the eyes of the students and employees at Gannon.”

Gannon President Keith Taylor, Ph.D., summed up his thoughts on the event as he mingled amongst the large crowd made up almost exclusively of the members of the Gannon community that he presides over.

“This fair is a perfect representation of what I envision when I think of wellness in our community,” he said.

“The participation is overwhelming and it proves that the members of our community are not only worried about their own wellness, but also the wellness of everyone else involved with our university.

“I can confidently say that this event is a huge step forward for wellness at Gannon.”


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