Fantasy Football: sit or start?

Call me biased.  A homer.  A bandwagon fantasy fan.

That’s fine.

The fact of the matter is that, whenever a Minnesota Vikings player is on my team, I’m starting him.

Not because he gives me the best chance to win or put up huge numbers — even though sometimes a miracle happens.

I start them because the Vikings are my team and when I watch them every Sunday, it makes the game that much more fun to watch.

It all comes down to how much fun it is.  Maybe Ben Roethlisberger isn’t a QB1, but you still start him because you’re a Steelers fan and you love rooting for Big Ben.  Nothing wrong with that.  And in all honesty, it probably doesn’t hurt your chances all that much. There’s so much up-and-down.

So mark my words.  My fantasy teams will be led this week by Vikings’ QB Teddy Bridgewater.  My fantasy teams are named “Touchdown Teddy.”  And I won’t think twice about it. Because it’s about to be a fun week.

Let’s get to the starts and sits:

Remember that thing I said about Big Ben?  Yeah, never mind.  Go ahead and start him against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He’s steadily gotten better every week, the team is ready for revenge and northern Florida is a perfect spot to do it.

So Kirk Cousins didn’t do so well last week.  He actually did awful.

Call me crazy, but I think he’s a decent start this time around.

I know he faces the top defense in the league this week in the Seattle Seahawks, but the Redskins will have to throw the ball to stay in the game.  If your QB1 is on a bye, this is a good option.

Giovanni Bernard, meet an awful run defense; Patriots, meet Giovanni Bernard.

Speaking of awful run defenses, the Packers are one of them.  They’ll square up against Minnesota’s Matt Asiata who is a bruiser, goal-line back.

He could have a couple TDs.  I would also consider the Vikings’ Jerick McKinnon, who averaged over seven yards a carry last week.

Victor Cruz is finally playing like we all thought he would.  With Eli Manning acting like an actual NFL quarterback, I think Cruz will be doing some salsa dancing in the end zone this week.

Jeremy Maclin will have a rebound game this week for the Eagles after catching only four balls for 57 yards last week.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see 100 yards and a TD.

He scored a touchdown against the Bucs and I’m hoping Steelers tight end Heath Miller can do the same against the terrible Jaguars D.

While you probably have to start Aaron Rodgers, I wouldn’t expect a great game from him.

Minnesota’s defense is still sixth against opposing QBs and there will probably be some exotic blitzes to cause further confusion.

Same goes for Eddie Lacy.  If you can trade him, do it.  He looks like the second-coming of Trent Richardson.

I still don’t trust Andre Johnson and you shouldn’t either.  Andre hasn’t caught a TD this year, he’s going to have Brandon Carr covering him all day, and Deandre Hopkins just looks like the better receiver in Houston.

And last but not least, Rob Gronkowski.  He’s exclusively a red-zone target now and that means very little receiving yards for him.

Sure, he can get you a touchdown, but his ceiling at the moment seems to be 10 fantasy points.


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