A Second Shot this Season


Kira Rios, Sports Editor

Erie, Pa, January 31, 2023—The men’s basketball team took home their second win this season on Saturday January 28th, when they faced Edinboro. This game marks Gannon’s 115th game against Edinboro.

The game took place at Gannon and started at 3:00 pm.

The men’s basketball team has had a rough start to their season with only one win so far; however, this game was the push the Knights would need to help get them back on track for the PSAC season.

This would be the first home game the Knights would win this season as well as scoring 81 points, which is also a high for the Knights.

While the Knights are 1-16, and 1-11 for the PSAC West, this game was a glimmer of hope.

Demetrius Mims was the star lead in the team’s victory with scoring 20 points, keeping ahead of the Fighting Scots.

Yet, freshman Josh Omojafo also helped carry the team to a win with scoring 20 points as well for only being on the court for 32 minutes, 5 less than Mims.

Third star player of the game was Zach Kent who scored 13 points, helping keep the Knights ahead of the Fighting Scots.

With a jump start to the game the Knights took control of the ball and had a lead of 44-33 by the time they hit the half. With the advantage of 11 points this helped keep the confidence the Knights needed to win.

If the Flying Scots would have a lead on the Knights, it would be no more than 2 points making it so they were no match for the Gannon Knights.

In the second half, the Knights kept a strong lead with 56-41 with 14:56 remaining. While Edinboro struggled to gain a lead, they were unsuccessful in doing so due to the Knights defense, and the star players of the game stealing the ball, taking control, and being untouchable tilt the end.

The Knights had a strong lead with 66-49 with 8:35 remaining, making it so there was no competition for the win. In the final minutes left of the game, the Fighting Scots had no shot at winning with never being more than 9 points away from catching up to the Knights.

The Knights won the game with a score of 81-71.

The men’s basketball team will continue their PSAC season with their next game on February 1st, at Erie’s Highmark Events Center against Slippery Rock at 7:30 p.m.