Personality quizzes create new psychological insights

In honor of Valentine’s Day approaching, I would like to discuss something that I really love.

Well, I guess love isn’t the right word for it; maybe obsession is more appropriate, but people always confuse the two concepts anyway so I’ll just go with it.

In case you haven’t been on the Internet lately, you may have missed one of the more recent phenomena that has been sweeping social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter: The Zimbio and Buzzfeed personality quizzes.

Now, some people think that the amount of attention these quizzes have been getting is ridiculous, but I think they’re so much fun.

Back in the day, I was always the girl who would take all of the different personality quizzes online and post the results online. Now I get to embrace the trend all over again… just eight years later.

Zimbio and Buzzfeed have made all different kinds of quizzes from topics such as “Which character on this TV show are you,” to “Where should you really live.”

Now I know most of my friends don’t really care about whether I’m Gretchen Weiners or Cady Heron from “Mean Girls,” so I have posted fewer results than I have gotten, but I know there are some people who do not do this.

Many people think that this practice is incredibly annoying and does nothing but clog their newsfeed, but as I see the world with a pair of rose-colored glasses, I like to see some of the positives that come from this trend.

When someone posts a quiz result to their profile, or several of them for that matter, you get the opportunity to know a little more about that person, or at least you get to analyze how they see themselves.

Because let’s be honest, a lot of people will take those types of quizzes multiple times until they get the person/answer they want.

Not very many people post a lot of information about themselves personally on social media anymore, for various and understandable reasons.

Through these quizzes you can get to know a little bit more about the people who are on your friends list, or get to reconnect with some people who maybe you haven’t seen in a while.

And it’s really interesting when you get a lot of people who take the same quiz and then compare answers with each other. Then you can kind of see the basics of what kind of relationship those two people might have, or at least how each person differs personality-wise.

Maybe I’m looking into it way too much, because I know a lot of people only take these quizzes so they can find out that they’re their favorite TV character or that they really do belong in the city they’ve been dreaming of living in for their entire life. But for those of you out there who hate these things that clog up your Facebook newsfeed, I encourage you to see these posts in a different light next time they pop up on your screen. You might not hate them nearly as much.



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