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Board of Trustees approves first study for CAP remodel project

Gannon University’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously Friday to accept the initial plan to reinvigorate the Carneval Athletic Pavilion.

Project Manager Bill Elias, Dean of the College of Health Professions and Sciences Carolynn Masters, Ph.D. and Vice President of Finance and Administration Linda Wagner gave a joint presentation to the board.

With the board’s approval, the project now moves into the next phase: a refining of the original design plans. The newer designs will focus on the details of the building.

Wagner said Gannon has sent out offers to architecture firms to oversee this next phase, as it’s not a given that The Collaborative Inc. will continue to work on the project.

“We always bid out the next piece of it because if you automatically go with the same firm, they wouldn’t have any reason to keep their price down,” Wagner said.

Currently, the estimated pricetag of the new CAP is between $11 million and $13.5 million. The refined-plan stage should be finished by Feburary or March, according to Wagner, and the schematics will further determine the final price.

“Our desire is to get the best price possible,” Wagner said. “But we also want the best facility possible. We’re not looking just to cut the price, but to get everything we want at the most reasonable price.”


–Dan Kubacki


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