How to be safe on Valentine’s day

With love and a bit of tension in the air, it is clear that Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.
As much fun as this day can be for couples, and even some singles, it is important to remember to be safe.
Make sure you are in a public place. It may be easier and romantic to do a date at home, but it is much safer to take a first date to a public place.
That way if it ends up going a completely different direction than you intended, you aren’t alone with them at home.
Be sure to tell someone you are close to where you are going. As mentioned earlier, your night may end up going way differently than you planned.
It is important to have someone know your location in case you need them to come to your rescue. Sometimes downloading an app that lets close friends and family see your location can be beneficial.
An idea for those nervous that things will go wrong, call the restaurant or bar ahead of time to see if they offer an angel shot. This is a way to let employees know that you are uncomfortable and need assistance. A neat angel shot means that you need escorted to your car, an angel shot with ice means you need an employee to call an Uber or Lyft for you and an angel shot with lime means you need an employee to notify the police.
An important aspect for those 21 and up, be sure to control your alcohol consumption. Even if you’re with someone you completely trust, you never know what could go wrong.
For those celebrating this year, be safe and remember to have fun! Valentine’s Day is a holiday meant to be enjoyable and exciting for those celebrating.