NCAA sports announce California State Legislature

We are in a new age for NCAA sports, with the California State Legislature close to passing a bill allowing athletes to earn money from the use of their names and likenesses. This is a turning point for student-athletes and sports in general.
This bill is colossal for college sports because currently student-athletes are not allowed to profit from their own image.
Now this potential colossal change has come with a few opponents: namely former college and professional football star Tim Tebow.
Tebow is against the bill because he believes that college sports is special and that allowing student-athletes to be paid would ruin college football and turn it into the NFL. He believes that student-athletes are “selfish” for wanting to be paid.
Now many are upset by his remark, believing it is coming from a place of so-called “privilege,” and that Tebow does not understand where many of the players are coming from.
Many students-athletes come from low-income households and are supporting their family while in college. Thus, allowing student-athletes to profit from their own image is a huge benefit for these kids because only 1.6% of student-athletes will make it professionally.
Even though there are a few opponents, there are many supporters of the bill from current professional athletes to past stars.
Another key supporter of the bill is ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who defended Tebow from the media’s criticism despite disagreeing with Tebow’s take on the topic. He said Tebow was “basically raving about amateurism” but called the criticism of Tebow “utterly ridiculous.”
In the end, we will have to wait and see if this bill will come to fruition. Anyway, folks, have a good week and GO KNIGHTS!

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