Spiritual Wellness: Meditation can help you live healthier

Spirituality is a broad concept with many perspectives. Gannon University Wellness views spiritual wellness as the process of establishing peace and harmony in our lives by aligning values with our actions.
It can also be seen as the lived experience of being in a relationship with a supreme being, which involves our whole self-body, mind and soul.
Brent Heckman, the director of Campus Ministry, sees spirituality as how we live, love and connect to the world around us.
“It all has to do with connection,” Heckman said. “When it comes to generic spirituality, I think those are things we can all share together we can care for one another while connecting to a higher purpose.
“If we start talking about different religions, there will be things we tend to see differently or disagree with, but we can all watch the sunset together or listen to the birds chirping in the woods and share that beautiful, mystical moment together. Witnessing a death or the birth of a child makes you marvel at the fact that there is something beyond what we can put words to.”
People use different methods to improve their spiritual wellness, depending on their personal or religious beliefs, but another activity we can all benefit from regardless of our beliefs is meditation.
Meditation is the act of thinking deeply or focusing one’s mind for a period of time in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation. Heckman explained that when it comes to meditation, people of different backgrounds can sit together in a place and connect to whatever gives them meaning, purpose and value.
Meditation helps you manage stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, sleep better and improve your happiness and general well-being.
Heckman believes that humans are wired to be spiritual and when we are in touch with our spirituality, our life becomes more peaceful and we become more patient. It doesn’t mean we become more perfect, but in the midst of life challenges, a person who is spiritually connected can find joy, purpose and meaning.
“Meditation is a way of resetting ourselves so we can be refreshed and renewed,” Heckmen said. “Life is hectic and if you do not find time to reset, you will wear yourself out.”
“You should sit in a way you can breathe freely. It also helps to use a mantra to block out distractions. Start with a short amount of time and build it up. I have been doing this for eight years and even those who have been consistently meditating for decades will tell you that you practice meditating you don’t perfect it or master it, you practice it.”
Even if you can’t find time to meditate or watch the sun set, find some time every day

to just sit still and be quiet. Focus on your breath and what is going on in you because these things can make you stressed or anxious. However, still find time once in a while to appreciate something beautiful in nature and do something kind to or for someone.
Life can be very busy but approaching it using healthy methods makes life much easier. Gannon University Wellness is always ready to guide you.


Oluwapelumi Osunrayi
[email protected]