How smartphones can improve your wellness journey

Living in the computer age, areas of life are becoming digitalized and the number of smartphone users in the world increases every day. One way to put your smartphone to good use is to make your wellness journey easier through apps. There are several apps that support each zone of wellness and many of these apps are compatible with Androids and iOS.
To improve your intellectual wellness, a good place to start is by watching TED Talks videos, which are inspiring talks by remarkable people. The app is called TED and it lets you explore over 3,000 talks on various topics.
Another way to work your intellectual wellness is to train your brain with mind game apps like Lumosity and Cognito, which are designed to put your critical thinking, memory and problem-solving skills to test.
To fortify your physical wellness, there are apps to encourage you to stay fit and maintain a healthy diet. A good app to use is Fitbit. This app is dedicated to helping people lead healthier, more active lives by providing a lot of features such as tracking your steps and monitoring your heartbeat.
For a healthy diet, MyFitnessPal can help. This app offers a huge food database, listing over 11 million different foods. An effective calorie counter, it makes it very easy to track your diet and exercise.
If you are experiencing persistent emotional problems, you might want to try Aura. Aura offers relaxing exercises to keep you in touch with your emotional well-being. You can select specific exercises designed to boost gratitude, awareness of mood and relaxation.
Apps like Eco Charge and GoodGuide will assist in making the most sustainable choices for your environmental wellness by helping you reduce your carbon footprint and make the earth healthier for future generations.
Eco Charge has an alarm that will go off when your electronic devices are completely charged, which will not only help you stop using unnecessary energy, but will also increase the life of your batteries.
GoodGuide, on the other hand, offers ratings for different products and companies, helping you assess their environmental, health and social performance. You can browse the database or scan barcodes to find the most environmentally friendly products for your home.
Applications to enhance spiritual wellness are more personal since people practice spirituality in different ways. However, one thing we can all benefit from in spite of our different beliefs is meditation. Omvana is designed for people who have little time to meditate or are interested in getting started. With a large collection of meditations, Omvana has the right track for you regardless of your spiritual background.
For social wellness, the use of social media is quite controversial but apps like Hippoh help you socialize. Hippoh compiles a top list of the best options for events and social outings in your area. It also makes it easy for you to book through its system.

For occupational wellness, ATracker allows you to define your daily tasks. It gives clear data to determine if you’re spending too much or too little time on certain tasks. Using this insight can allow you to recalibrate your schedule to support your ideal work-life balance.
You can find more apps and other ways to use your smartphone to improve your wellness. While at it, remember that on your wellness journey, Gannon University Wellness is here for you.


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