Walk of shame or walk of duty?

It wouldn’t be springtime if there weren’t people exploring the streets.
Unfortunately, not all explorers are there to enjoy the weather.
At approximately 4 a.m. Monday, a female student reported that she was approached by a female demanding her belongings on the 400 block of West Eighth and Chestnut streets.
Gannon Police and Safety responded to the scene. Two men who witnessed the robbery were apprehended by Gannon Police and Safety on unrelated charges and were taken into custody by the Erie Police Department.
As of Monday, the suspect was still at large. She appeared to be a light-skinned, African-American female, average build, and was last seen wearing a white shirt and shorts.
What the student was doing at 4 a.m. is a mystery. Perhaps she had clinical rotations, or was under the impression 4 a.m. in Erie is a quiet time. Unfortunately for her, she was wrong.
While the student was reportedly not harmed, we at The Gannon Knight would like to remind you to use your best judgment as the academic year comes to an end.
It is important to be aware of your surroundings, especially when you’re running low on sleep and studying for finals.
If you must cruise the streets early in the morning or late at night, be smart about it. Not every incident is preventable, but there are steps to take to decrease the likelihood of something ugly happening.
Take the well-lit path when walking downtown, and walk with friends when possible. If not, Gannon Police and Safety encourages students to use the Knight Watch escort services.
Stay safe, Gannonites.