12th annual Wellness Fair held on campus


Gannon University’s health initiative, Good For U, hosted the 12th annual Wellness Fair Tuesday at the Recreation and Wellness Center.
Good For U seeks to promote wellness on Gannon’s campus and show people that wellness encompasses more than just physical well-being.
According to the initiative, wellness embodies seven main realms of life: occupational, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, social and physical.
The Wellness Fair was designed to help Gannon students, faculty and staff nurture each of the seven areas of wellness through various activities, interactive displays and the use of technology.
Mary Jean Taylor, director of university wellness, believes the Wellness Fair offers a place for people looking for support in making lifestyle changes.
“Most importantly, it is a chance to come together as a community and fortify our well-being at the beginning of a new year, when most of us are seeking ways to make positive changes in our lives,” Taylor said.
The day was divided into three main sections, each with a specific focus. The first session from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. focused on “Wellness at Work.”
During this time, faculty and students were encouraged to attend to learn how to incorporate the seven components of wellness into their work lives.
Throughout this time, several members of the Gannon community presented “GU Talks,” Gannon’s take on the popular TED Talk series.
Each talk dealt with one area of wellness and how everyone can incorporate the area into their daily lives.
Among the talks were “Chemicals, Transportation and Food: 3 Ways to a Healthier You” presented by Steve Ropski, Ph.D., a professor in the biology department, and “Faith and Fitness: Becoming a Living Person” presented by Jimmy Menkaus, Ph.D., a professor in the theology department.
People attending the Wellness Fair during this time also had the opportunity to participate in meditation sessions throughout the day, as well as Muslim prayer at 12:20 p.m.
The second session of the day was open to all Gannon faculty and students, as well as their families, and was titled, “Wellness Fair Happy Hour and Family Dinner.”
Special features of this portion of the fair included a pop-up art gallery in the emotional wellness zone, as well as the opportunity to meet the artists.
The third and final session of the evening was titled “Late Night Wellness” and was marketed for students and those who are young at heart.
Gannon students and members of campus ministry played and sang praise and worship music at 9:30 p.m. during “Spirituality of Music.”
Throughout the day, more than 40 vendors set up booths with a variety of games and activities, as well as information about the particular area of wellness the organization embodied.
Catherine Strout, a freshman physician assistant major, enjoyed walking around to the different booths as well as working in the environmental wellness zone.
“Working the Wellness Fair was a lot of fun,” Strout said. “I was able to inform others about GreenEriePA and see various other cool presentations and booths.”
Rachel Nye, a freshman physician assistant major, enjoyed the sense of community she felt at the Wellness Fair.
“I thought it represented Gannon really well because I saw students, faculty and community members there,” Nye said.
“Everyone seemed really engaged and they were participating in all the events. It was awesome.”

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