Power Ranking of Drake’s best projects

November 8, 2016

GRANT KRUSZEWSKI staff writer The 6, no pun intended, most popular Drake projects that I will be reviewing and ranking are the albums/EP’s that are available on Apple Music and other streaming services. I will also includ...

Clinton to hold Jay Z concert

November 1, 2016

By GRANT KRUSZEWSKI staff writer Many things today shape the political landscape of the United States. So many aspects of everyday life go into a person’s decision of who to vote for, and oddly enough, one of those asp...

Writer reveals similarities between Kanye and Picasso

October 19, 2016

By GRANT KRUSZEWSKI staff writer As much as people hate to admit it, Kanye West is a genius when it comes to music and fashion. Ironically enough, the evolution of music styles that West has used almost exactly mirrors the...

Writer showcases underground Erie hip-hop artists

September 21, 2016

GRANT KRUSZEWSKI staff writer Compton, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Queens…and Erie? You may not know what all of these cities have in common but I can tell you that it is an unbelievable amount of musical talent. Little do the...

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