Vice President of Public Relations: Elizabeth Mechling


Elizabeth Mechling, freshman nursing major


Why are you running for vice president of public relations?


I feel that I could benefit on the SGA executive board and encourage them and help them out with all they’re doing. And I really feel I could reach out to the student population. I feel that I would be the best to represent that and just display in front of the students.

Since public relations  is so different from the medical  and health science side, I feel that I can grow within myself and really help the executive board as well.  I know that marketing and advertising wouldn’t be my special suit, but I can learn how to do it and it will make me a better nurse by trying new things and really broadening myself.

What are your goals if you’re elected?

I want every student to know who SGA is and what they do.  Many students don’t really know what it is and they don’t know that we’re here to help.  They just think that we’re an organization that meets every other Thursday, but I want to be here for the students as in promoting SGA and knowing that we’re here and we have their backs and we want to hear their voice.

Also when they have ideas, I want them to know who they can come to, to tell what they have in store.  I just feel that with PR, I could get out fliers, I could do it by word of mouth, I could do it with Facebook and Twitter — I really want that growing and I know social media is off the charts right now.  My definite goal would have the students know what SGA is here for. I think there’s misconceptions as we are just an organization, we’re not really helping at a bigger level or a higher level, but [we] really are the liaison between the students and the administration. They need us to really communicate with them what the students want.

Why did you decide to get involved with SGA?

In high school I was the student council president for four years. So I have always wanted to step up to those leadership opportunities.  And once I came here as a freshman, I really just jumped into everything full force.

What have you accomplished during your time in SGA?

I did not know what SGA was really when I came here, so kind of learning and being in that process of transitioning from those high school leadership spots and then coming to college; it is much different. Going into SGA, they really have a lot of direct contact with administration, so I’ve learned that all the executive board members really have that direct communication.

Why should students vote for you as vice president of public relations?

I feel that students should vote for me because I know that I would fufill those responsibilities and duties as the PR [representative].  I know that I could step up and be on the executive board and as a sophomore, once I have one year under my belt in SGA I really do know a lot about SGA and I know how it works by that point. So, I know that I can step up to the plate and learn more, because if they just stayed with all the upperclassmen, then, no, there’s not going to be a cycle of students going through. Because we need to get the fresh people in so they can be trained and [taught].

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