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September 22, 2023
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September 22, 2023

Treasurer: Nicholas Alexander


Why are you running for SGA Treasurer?

I’m running for the position in order to see that the money is spent wisely, but more importantly that we actually spend the money that we’re allotted each year. So often we’re given all this money and we have grand ideas, but it always seems like things fall through. Especially with the freshman class, I want to push for them to get ideas; see what they really want to see changed. It’s all very hopeful, but that’s my plan.


What are your goals if you were to be elected to the position of Treasurer?

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I think I kind of already said it, but my main goals are to push the freshman representatives so they can create the projects and the committees and so they effectively and successfully use their budgets.


What qualities do you possess that qualify you for this position?

I’m pretty good with money. I’ve previously not done too much, but in the past I’ve been responsible for fundraisers in high school. Not too extensive, but I’ve taken some Excel classes.


How did you become involved with SGA?

At the beginning of the year I heard about it and I decided to get involved, not only because it would be cool to have a hand in things, but because there were a few improvements that my friends had mentioned and I thought, “Well if I was to do this I might be able to get improvements.”


What have you accomplished during your time in SGA?

I’ve been active on several committees that have made efforts to get projects completed. Sometimes there’s backlash from the administrators and the campus and we can’t always do what we want to do. It’s not always the easy, one-step process – do it and you can get it through – but I think there have been a few projects that I’ve at least voted on from the general assembly meetings that I attend.


What are your other accomplishments at Gannon?

I’ve made Dean’s list. Not too much, just trying to keep up grades. It’s cool to be a part of the club lacrosse team. I was surprised how much fun it is.


Why should the students vote for you?

I feel that, because I’m the only candidate, I’m definitely the best choice for the job. But also I think I have good ideas that can be step-by-step integrated for the freshman class next year when they first arrive and become freshman class representatives. I can show them how to make changes so that going forward they’ll be more prepared to actually make changes happen.


What does being a part of SGA mean to you?

It’s really a pretty great community of people. That – it is nice. They’re pretty welcoming and helping in most regards, but also just getting to see changes happen in this school and them actually going through is meaningful to me.


Describe SGA’s role on campus.

We try our very best to see the whole student body and what they want. Sometimes there’s a lack of response from the student body and we’re always looking for new ways to get everybody to participate. Our main thing is just ways to improve the school.



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