Gannon salutes its seniors one last time


Gannon University prepares to assist its upcoming graduates by hosting Senior Salute on Wednesday, March 18,  in the Yehl Ballroom.

The event, which starts at 10 a.m. and runs to 4:30 p.m., is designed to help seniors complete their “checklist” before they graduate. Items on the checklist include everything from picking up a cap and gown to getting a massage.

Gannon sends out emails to graduating seniors inviting them to the event, complete with the checklist.

Senior Salute hosts representatives from Gannon groups such as the Gannon Bookstore, deans’ offices and financial aid as well as groups such as alumni services, Jostens and service learning.

Senior psychology major Alex Mihai said she has heard positive things about the salute from people who graduated in previous semesters.

Mihai said she heard from a lot of seniors that it was a nice event because you could win prizes.

“Everybody loves free stuff,” Mihai said.

Mihai said she likes that the university has decided to help the seniors get all of the stuff they need to get done before graduation.

“It’s nice that [Gannon is] helping them get their business cards, practicing in mock interviews, preparing us for the future because it’s helping us get more experience and more knowledge on how to handle things,” Mihai said.

“I think it’s great that we have the opportunity to send out Thank You cards to advisers or professors, because you establish really close relationships with a bunch of them,” she said.

Mihai said though she has completed some of the things on the list, there are still some other activities she’d like to do.

“The massage sounds great,” she said. “A lot of the seniors are pretty stressed out at this point thinking ‘What are we going to do after we graduate?’ It’s nice to take the few minutes to relax.”

Mihai said she was also looking forward to the professional hair and makeup tips.

“That will be interesting,” she said. “I’m not exactly an expert on hair and makeup so I guess it’ll be nice to know what to do when I go to an interview.”

Gannon alumna Becca Dambach, class of 2014, said she went to the Senior Salute before she graduated in December.

“It got me a manicure and a massage,” Dambach said. “Plus [they gave me] free pizza.”

Dambach said Senior Salute was a fun event, but it didn’t help her that much to prepare for graduation.

Mihai said she thinks that this event could help some upcoming graduates who may not know what to expect before graduation.

“I think this will help seniors learn about the little things that they might not have thought about before graduation and going out and getting a job.”

Other aspects of Senior Salute include getting measured for professional business suits, taking professional portraits, ordering a Gannon class ring, purchasing alumni apparel and much more.

For more information, students can email Kathy DeSante, assistant to the provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, at [email protected]

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