Gannon hosts 11th annual Wellness Fair

Gannon hosts 11th annual Wellness Fair

Gannon University will be holding its 11th annual Wellness Fair at the Recreation and Wellness Center Tuesday.

This free event will be split into three separate three-hour long program segments throughout the day, all of which will be focused on different aspects of wellness.

The first program titled “Wellness at Work,” will begin at 8 a.m. and run through noon. The second segment, which is being called “Happy Hour,” will start at 4 p.m. and last until 7 p.m. The third and final program of the event, “Late Night Wellness,” will take place between 9 p.m. and midnight.

The 11th installment of the Wellness Fair promises to offer many new experiences that will set it apart from the 10 that came before it. Among these differences are a new venue in the Recreation and Wellness Center and the introduction of a new seven-facet model of wellness.

The new components are physical, occupational, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental and social wellness.

Mary Jane Taylor, director of university wellness and the main coordinator of the event, explained that as the university’s understanding of wellness developed, it also saw the need for a new wellness model to reflect those developments.

The university believes that, in this newly developed seven-facet model, it will now have an accurate representation for how its overall understanding of wellness has evolved.

“For me, this event is a campaign to rebrand and redefine what wellness means in our community,” Taylor said. “I think it will teach students different tips regarding each facet of wellness that they can incorporate into working toward becoming a healthier person.”

Anthony Sylvester, a graduate student in the sport and exercise science program, said he feels the same way as Gannon when it comes to Wellness.

“I definitely think that the physical facet of wellness is the most important,” he said, “but I also realize how each of the facets are co-dependent and equally important for becoming the most balanced and healthy person possible.”

Emma Sciullo, a sophomore nutrition and human performance major, reiterated some of the same sentiments as Sylvester. She also expressed her feelings about the wellness fair in general.

“I think having an event that will provide you with free tips on how to be healthier in every facet of wellness is invaluable,” she said. “It’s hard to be healthy as a college student so any of the tips you pick up could be really helpful in improving your life.”

In order to help address each of these facets thoroughly, there will be over 90 vendors from the Erie and Gannon communities assisting with the event. Each vendor will offer different activities that have been designed to address each facet of wellness.

Some of these activities that vendors will offer include therapy dog sessions, Zen meditation, a dunk tank manned by the baseball team, intellectual gaming and demonstrations by the cheer team. There will also be a free pasta dinner and refreshments during the “Happy Hour” segment.

In addition, both students as well as employees will have a chance to win prizes at the event.

Students could win miscellaneous Gannon gear and one lucky student will leave with a new iPad. Meanwhile, Gannon employees will be entered into a $500 drawing just for walking through the front door.

Taylor said when it comes down to it all she can really ask for is a good turnout. She also expressed her overall feelings regarding the nurturing nature of Gannon’s community and environment.

“This event will help students to see that Gannon is a place where each and every student has the ability to evolve into the healthiest possible version of him or herself,” Taylor said.

All of the activities, prizes, food and information that the Wellness Fair has to offer are completely free for students and employees. The only requirement is that you attend the event.


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