Fall Frenzy makes Gannon bike like crazy

Gannon University finished second out of 128 schools in Expresso’s month-long Fall Frenzy Fitness Bike Challenge.

The contest was scheduled as follows: qualifiers were held Oct. 7-8; sweet 16 Oct. 14-15; elite 8 Oct. 21-22; final 4 Oct. 28-29; championship Nov. 4- 5.

Gannon was able to claim second place in the contest with 4,028 miles, just 119.8 miles behind the champions, Schoolcraft College of Garden City, MI., which racked up an impressive 4,147.8 miles. Gannon also had four riders who earned all-tournament honors, claiming the fifth, sixth, eighth and 10th overall spots in the top 10 for total miles ridden.

Brian Ratajczak, a member of the men’s baseball team, took fifth overall as an individual rider with an accumulation of 566 miles during the month-long contest. This also marked him as Gannon’s top rider.

Also in the top 10 for Gannon were Abby Quinn, who took sixth overall with 540.3 miles; Pat Claybaugh, who took eighth overall with 494.1 miles; and Kerri Makay, who rounded off the top 10 with a still very impressive 462.2 miles.

Also participating in the competition were schools from all around the country, including Louisiana State University, University of Iowa, Vanderbilt University, Houghton College, SUNY Binghamton and Ivy-League University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, to name a few.

Despite Gannon’s major success in the contest, it wasn’t all business for those who participated. Alex Mihai, senior psychology major, said she very much had fun racking up miles in the name of the university.

“I was very excited that Gannon decided to participate in this event,” she said. “Expresso definitely came up with a great idea because it gets people working out, staying in shape and meeting new people.”

Mihai also said that anyone who didn’t participate this year should definitely get involved next year.

“You’ll feel happy, healthy and motivated,” she said. “Plus, we have to win it all next year.”



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