Model UN takes over Gannon

Gannon University will host the 62nd session of the Model U.N. Friday.

The Model U.N. seeks to promote an understanding of the complex problems that are faced in international affairs and the purposes and functions of the United Nations.

It offers a challenging education in the relationships among those nations in the U.N. The 2014 Gannon Model U.N. will host around 500 students from 30 to 40 high schools in the tri-state area.

Delegations for each nation were assigned in early fall and students were encouraged to begin researching the issues that will be under consideration during the forthcoming assembly.

Students are expected to learn the viewpoints of the government they are assigned to represent and are asked to speak and vote according to the interests of that country.

Gannon advisers and officers may attend school meetings or conduct web meetings to assist students in their preparation.

Each school’s delegation to the Model U.N. may include 10 regular delegates, a member or observer to the Security Council and an alternate delegate.

Each delegation is encouraged to submit a position paper based on its country’s position of the five issues that will be debated at the General Assembly; awards will be given for position papers by the Gannon Model U.N. staff.

Delegates are encouraged to apply for scholarships to Gannon. Other awards will be given to delegates who distinguish themselves by the accurate representation of their assigned country.

The General Assembly will convene 7 p.m Friday and will adjourn 4 p.m Saturday.


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