Fall Open House gives prospects lots of information

Gannon University has had the largest enrollment of undergraduate students in 23 years. Hundreds of high-school students, non-traditional students and their families covered the campus Saturday for the annual Fall Open House.

The purpose of Open House is to give prospective students a firsthand look at Gannon’s programs, facilities, campus and people.

There were new facilities like the Center for Communication and the Arts, the criminal justice program’s Forensic Investigation Center, the Recreation and Wellness Center and the Center for Business Ingenuity, which is now under construction.

Potential students and their families had the opportunity to tour these new facilities, attend departmental presentations and speak with professors.

Anne O’Neill, program director for Advertising Communication, said several students flowed in and out of the Center for Communication and the Arts. She said the students had the chance to see what the building is like, look at the new studios and meet current Gannon students within communication majors.

“Junior and senior high school students got to see what their new home would be like if they chose Gannon and communication as a major,” O’Neill said. “They could get a full-feel for what the campus is like.”

Information on every major was available for the students. They were able to talk and interact with several different professors and students who belong to the Gannon community.

Booths were set up in the Recreation and Wellness Center for all majors so students could accessibly move throughout the booths if they were undecided on what they wished to study.

Lindsey Strausser, a high school junior said she is undecided in her major. She said she enjoyed having the options available for her.

“I liked how much information was given to me,” Strausser said. “It gave me what I needed to move forward in my decision.”

Open houses are a great opportunity for the prospective students to talk to faculty and students who are in the major to see if it fits them, O’Neill said.

“It is a way for them to see the whole school and participate in some of the activities Gannon holds,” O’Neill said. “Saturday was the football game and prospective students could have gone and watched. It created an atmosphere that shows what Gannon truly is.”

Students come to Open House to learn and explore the world of Gannon. O’Neill said she has never had students ask the same questions; they always have interesting and new thoughts.

“I had one student ask me if there were horse stables near the school,” O’Neill said.

“She wanted to make sure her personal life could be incorporated with her school life, if she chose Gannon. The questions are never just about ‘school,’ they are about anything they may be wondering.

“That is why Open Houses are so great. That option for developing knowledge and understanding is made easier.”

Alexa Messineo, a senior in high school looking to major in physical therapy, said she really enjoyed all the options available for communication.

“It was organized and it allowed me to get a feel for the different activities that were around campus,” Messineo said. “I got to meet new people, professors and students. They gave me better insight to what campus life is like at Gannon.”

Some of the current Gannon students were place around campus at various departments so they could be available for the touring students and families.

Stephanie Miller, a senior advertising major, said she didn’t have many students come through for her program but those who did asked good questions.

“It was nice to explain to people why I chose my major and what I plan to do when I graduate,” Miller said. “Hopefully I helped the prospective students.”

For more information on the Fall Open House, future Open Houses or admissions contact the Gannon Office of Admissions at 814-871-7240.


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