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Halloween costumes can make classes more fun

Halloween is a fun time of year for everyone. People can wear any costume anywhere and not be judged. These can be either scary outfits, “sexy costumes” or cosplays (dressing up as a fictional character).

Last year, I felt excited for Halloween because I wanted to wear a costume to class without being judged.

I went to Salvation Army to find something that could work as a costume piece because it is something a college student can afford.

I eventually found a jacket that looked almost exactly like the jacket the ninth Doctor from “Doctor Who” wears. Being the “Doctor Who” nerd I am, I decided to buy the jacket and dress as the ninth Doctor for Halloween.

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Halloween came and I did not see one single person in a costume. No, I lied. There was one girl who dressed as a black cat. But other than that I did not see anyone in a costume.

There were some clothing items people referred to as “Halloween attire,” but they did not look like costumes. I felt like I was the one person who dressed up among people wearing “normal clothes.”

When I arrived at my first class, the professor asked us if anybody was wearing a costume.

People randomly pretended they were dressed up, when they obviously were not.

To make everything crazier, the professor made us guess everyone’s costume.

One person who said he was dressed up for Halloween put his hand over his eye to resemble an eye patch. I cannot remember if he was a pirate, Nick Fury or both.

Whatever it was, someone guessed it correctly.

Then there was me who was wearing an actual costume. I stood up and took my sonic screwdriver (something the Doctor carries around) from my pocket. Everybody knew I was something from some weird sci-fi TV show or movie, but they didn’t know what exactly I was from.

I heard a lot of people guess I was the Terminator or something from “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” and several other wrong answers. Someone finally said Doctor Who.

At least they guessed.

I must admit, it feels really weird to be the only person in a classroom to wear a costume on Halloween.

Any other day of the week, I can understand as being a bit strange, but it was Halloween, the one day of the year where you can wear anything you want and not be judged.

I urge people to actually dress up when you go to class on Halloween. I cannot be one of the few people who came to class in costume…again.

It is Halloween.

Most people will not judge people — I will admit unfortunately some will, but those people would judge you for doing anything else.

It looks really cool when people dress up for Halloween, and why not take advantage of the one day of the year you can wear them to class.


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