President: Cristiana Sibley

Why are you running for SGA president? I was approached by some SGA members about the position and after that, I went to discuss possibly running with faculty that’s involved in SGA. They all said I would be the perfect candidate to represent SGA. So I took that and I ran with it. I have a lot of pride for Gannon University. My enthusiasm is bottomless. I am running for the presidency because I believe in Gannon as an educational institutional, as well as a community. Gannon University has given me more than I can put into words and I want to give back by furthering the reaches of Student Government Association.

What are your goals if elected president? Meeting with peers to discuss issues and what’s going on, everything from The Gannon Knight to the radio station, those communication channels.  I want to create an open forum and bring students back to Student Government Association. My goal is simple but is the building blocks of community, which sometimes I feel are forgotten: I want to create an awareness of one another. Whether it’s making students aware of SGA or any other opportunities that are available, I want to take the intimidating, independent-titled group known as SGA and turn it into an open forum and somewhere students can go to discuss campus.

What skills or qualities do you possess that you think will aid you if elected? Other people have described me as extremely personable, which I believe is very important for any leader of any organization. Being able to go to different groups, talk to them and make them feel comfortable, that’s my strong point. I am good at communication and getting on people’s level. I feel to be president, you have to have a big personality, someone who can draw people into you, which I feel I am pretty good at doing. Through the military, I know how to communicate up the ladder and down the ladder. Whoever I’m with I can take on the appropriate persona. At basic training, I learned how to face anything really; nothing scares or intimidates me. I’m not afraid to go headfirst into everything. I’m not afraid to put myself out there.

What do you see SGA’s role on campus as? According to the Student Government Association’s own constitution, it declares itself as the student body’s voice. I completely agree with that metaphor. If Gannon were a city, I believe that SGA should act as a post office, with more responsibilities. It should be the place where students’ messages are sent, sorted and then delivered or pursued. Students should feel comfortable sending in their concerns, whatever they have, to this office. Then we sort it and put it where it should go. So in the end, we are the voice and the people who connect the students to the people that they might not see as much around campus, like the faculty or President Taylor.

Why did you get involved with SGA? As a student, I have passively been a member of SGA since I stepped foot on this campus. Like every other student I am a member of SGA by association. To become more involved, I decided to run because I know that I have a fire that’s still burning. As a new face, I have the fresh enthusiasm and it’s contagious.  In the National Guard, I’m a squad leader. I have the experience of being in charge of an entire squad. They all come to me and I am their first step in their chain of commands with whatever problems they have. Then I take it to my chain of command.

How do you plan to increase students’ knowledge and involvement in SGA?

I think spreading the knowledge of SGA is everyone’s job. It would be the job of me and my new executive board; there needs to be camaraderie created amongst members of SGA and that in turn would spread to the students. It’s a step-by-step process. I also believe recruiting faculty will be imperative. I believe that each club and organization should have an SGA delegate. I think it’s really important to have a contact person that is dedicated to SGA communication between clubs and organizations.

Why should the students vote for you?

By voting for Sibley, you’re voting for yourself. After years of experiencing SGA as a student, I know that I am someone who will always cherish my roots. Regardless of groups, titles and honors, I would also remain a student first and therefore hold close the wants and needs of my peers before politics.

I want freshmen to seniors to know that though Gannon’s campus may be smaller than other universities, the policies here really are great.  As president of SGA, it’s important to remember that we’re trying to relay the possibilities from the faculty to the students and were trying to relay the message of the students who are asking for possibilities to the faculty. So, keeping that chain of communication is the number one thing that students should keep in mind when they are voting.





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