Vice President of Public Relations: Abby Cavalier

Why are you running for the position of VP of Public Relations? I feel that SGA is viewed very negatively and I don’t like that because people don’t exactly know what we get accomplished. So my goal is to increase the communication between us and the student body, letting them know what we’ve done and also let them know what’s going on at the university level because students deserve to know what’s going on.

What are your goals if you were to be elected to the position of VP of Public Relations? I want to have a suggestion box open every other week for students to give us their feedback. For example, what they want to see changed on campus. Also, to make the SGA office more open to students. I feel like people just walk by and just see us sitting in there. I want people to feel like they can talk to us and let us know what’s wrong or what they feel needs changed. I plan on doing a monthly newsletter/flier so students know what’s going on with us and at the university level. I plan on using social media a lot more this year because we have a Twitter account, but it’s not used that much. I definitely want to increase the use of Facebook and Twitter and get our name out there more.

What have you accomplished during you time on campus? Last year, Sport & Exercise Science Club did the Prevention and Care for Child Abuse Awareness. I helped with fundraising for that. With Phi Sig, I’ve helped out at the Women’s Club and the Kids Café a couple of times a week. PT Club and Sport & Exercise Science Club help out with the Pumpkin Run every year, so I’m involved with that, and Phi Sig is doing the Linked by Pink run this year. So we help with that also every year.

Why did you decide to get involved in SGA? SGA was the first thing that I chose to do, because I wanted to be involved on campus and do something besides the clubs based on majors and I found SGA. I liked having a voice and being involved in what goes on on campus. I think student input is really important because without students, Gannon wouldn’t exist, so I wanted to have a say in what goes on. I wasn’t involved in student government in high school and I didn’t like the way mine was run, so I wanted to be involved in the way things on campus are run.

Why do you think students should vote for you? This year, I’ve worked really closely with our current Public Relations chair. We did Homecoming together and I helped her plan that. I have all these plans already that I really want to see happen and I really want to see SGA be put out there more, so people know who we are and they can come see us on campus. I feel like I have experience with my other organizations with putting us out there and representing us really well. I don’t want SGA to just be these random people on campus.


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