Vice President of Public Relations: Ian Pacholec

Why did you decide to run for VP of Public Relations? I was the PR Chair for my fraternity. I did a newsletter and made a website and I got a lot of people to come out to our events. I think that I’m the best person for SGA because we have events, but not a lot of people come. So I think I’m the best person for the job.

What are your goals if you were to be elected for VP of PR? Besides getting people to events, I just want people to be aware of everything SGA is doing for them and I want them to be aware of where their activities fee is going. I don’t think a lot of people know what we’re giving money to the clubs for, so I think shedding some light on that would keep the students more informed.

Why do you think people don’t know what SGA does? We try to let people know, but I think we’re far too dependent on Twitter. We tweet everything we do, but no one follows us, and honestly I don’t know why anyone would follow us. You have to tell people when something is going on. Just talk to people. All we do is post on Facebook and Twitter. And aside from that, we don’t really do anything else for PR.

So how would you get the word out? Would you tell everyone? What I’ve been doing for DSP and Sport & Exercise Science Club is get certain people to tell people, and then I recruit other people to come to these events or show up for our causes.

Why did you decide to get involved with SGA? It was what I did in high school; I just really wanted to continue that. Also I didn’t really know people, so I got involved with as many clubs as I could to get to meet more people. I met some of my best friends through SGA.

What have you accomplished during your time in SGA? As a class, we did a lot with GUTS, which is Gannon University Team Spirit. We made wristbands and shirts. This year we’re working to get printers for the freshman dorms, which is something we started freshman year. We’re also working on a leadership lab, which will be like a conference room for executive boards. That will be in the Power Room on the right, next to the restrooms.

What have you accomplished during your time on campus? I’ve gotten a lot of people to events for my fraternity. I was president for a while, and now I’m sergeant at arms. Through those e-board positions, I’ve made a lot of headway for the fraternity. We were in a lot of debt and now we’re getting on the right track. We paid everything that we owed. We’ve raised almost $2,500 for Red Cross.

Why do you think students should vote for you? I have a lot of experience with PR work with my fraternity and I’ve been able to get people to events. I think that alone separates me from the other candidate. I’ve also been on e-board positions and I think just having that leadership and experience under my belt will help me to transition into the position better.


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