Goalies shipped off at deadline

The trade deadline is a lot like Christmas morning. You get all excited the weeks before, and come the eve of the big day, you can hardly sit still or get to bed.

Then, in the morning you get up nice and early, run downstairs and see what is under the tree. Sometimes, you’re excited, and sometimes you are so disappointed you wish you wouldn’t have woken up.

That was almost the case this year. Most of the big name trades were done in the weeks prior to the trade deadline. One of the biggest trades was when St. Louis traded Jaroslav Halak and Chris Stewart along with a handful of picks for what was Buffalo’s franchise goalie, Ryan Miller, and forward Steve Ott.

This was the year of the goalie, as seven goaltenders changed area codes this year – most notably Halak, Miller and Roberto Luongo.

Vancouver and Luongo have to be relieved to finally have their bond broken. Luongo goes back to his long lost home, Florida – where his strong career truly started.

Also, Martin St. Louis and Ryan Callahan – both captains of their respective teams – were both traded. St. Louis was a franchise player, a Stanley Cup champion, and a gold medalist, while Callahan was a “forever” Ranger until the deadline.

Ales Hemsky was traded to the Ottawa Senators, and in return the Sens picked up a draft pick. Hemsky was targeted by many teams because of his potential to give teams a very offensively talented winger, who has a nack for finding the net.

The final big name moved was Marian Gaborik going from Columbus to a team struggling the most offensively, the L.A. Kings.

Probably the biggest disappointment of the deadline was the fact the Canucks winger Ryan Kesler wasn’t moved. The Pittsburgh Penguins, who were said to have had a big deal on the table, including Brandon Sutter, a defensive prospect, and a first-round pick. However, the Canucks decided to hold on to him, trying to make one last push to the playoffs.

The close to trading season also marks the end of our Christmas. It seems that we’ll have to wait until next year to put out our milk and cookies in hope of receiving that deal that helps your team to the finals.



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