Keep warm, stay in fashion

In this frigid climate, it’s important to be informed on types of outerwear. Not only can the weather be dangerously cold, but it changes frequently and it’s easy to get caught off guard.

Knowing how to wear layers is extremely important, so your chances of being caught off guard are a little slimmer. Save yourself a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to layer and start with an appropriate winter jacket. There are many varieties of winter jackets/coats/parkas – more than you probably think exist – and they’ve all got a good use for specific conditions.

On a good day, I like to keep it classy with a blazer. That way everywhere I go, I look like I’m going somewhere important. It’s light enough for me and the material breathes well. However, in our current climate, I would still wear something over the blazer.

When the weather is being particularly dreary, that’s the time for a waxed cotton jacket. It will keep out the rain and keep in the heat. This jacket will work especially well if you wear flannel material underneath – something that’s going to generate heat on your skin.

For a day when the sun is out, layer with a denim jacket. Button the jacket up like a shirt and wear a wool blazer over it. If it gets too warm, you can take off the blazer or unbutton the denim.

Look “bomb” in a bomber jacket. The cropped design of the bomber jacket allows for more casual wear. It’s simplistic and doesn’t require buttoning. You will stay warm without needing to wear a wool sweater underneath.

My personal favorite is a wool trench coat. For some reason, it reminds me of Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada.” It’s classy, sleek, and climate controlled. It looks nice buttoned or unbuttoned and allows for a great deal of accessory freedom. What I like about the trench is that you can wear it and not have to worry about matching the length of the shirt or dress you have on underneath. The trench covers all.

Parka jackets are essential in Erie. They’re not necessarily ideal when it comes to style but their functionality and performance are unmatched in this winter wonderland. Parkas are nice and roomy, so there’s plenty of room for layering underneath. A layer jacket is not too bulky, but it keeps the wind from biting your skin. They also have the added benefit of making you look pretty fierce. Wear them undone with a V-neck for a casual look or all zipped up with an oxford for a business look.

The bottom line is, what you wear is not only about self-expression and fashion statements, it’s also about safety. Always remember to bundle up and stay warm.




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