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Dress right for V-Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up in just a little more than a week. So for whatever your plans may be, I’ve constructed some tips on Valentine’s Day style for almost every occasion.

If your date is taking you out to Cinemark Tinseltown, the local movie theater,  I recommend a casual Valentine’s Day outfit.

Pick out an outfit that exudes how cool you are, but don’t lose sleep over it.

Once the movie starts, he or she won’t be looking at your outfit.

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If he or she is still looking at you 20 minutes into the movie, take your cute outfit outside and evade your date’s creepiness.

Medium wash boyfriend jeans will be comfortable and can soak up the necessary popcorn butter.

If you’re in a relationship with this person, wear a shirt that reminds the other person of a memory you made together. It could be their favorite shirt that you wear or the shirt from the first concert you went to together.

If you are not in a relationship with this person – been out on less than five dates with them, in my opinion – wear a shirt that brings up something you have in common.

Perhaps both of your favorite colors are red, in which case, that would be really easy.

Are you both Whovians? Show your geek pride with a shirt!

Bring it all together with a coordinating pink or white cardigan and skinny-belt it at the middle.

A dinner date should be a little more formal. It is totally appropriate to wear a little black dress or a lovely red number.

If you can talk your boyfriend into taking you to 1201 Kitchen or Bertrand’s Bistro, go all out.

This does not mean dress for the club. In fact, if you show up to one of those classy establishments with your stretchy spandex skirt and high heels, you will feel very out of place. Let’s avoid feeling uncomfortable by putting together a well-made outfit.

Ingredients: one ravishing dress.

The dress must leave mystery to your anatomy, so be sure to not show excess skin. The hemline should be at least mid-thigh or lower.

The dress should have sleeves or should be paired with a French ‘40s-film-inspired shawl. Goosebumps are not sexy.

Next, add one pair of awesome opaque tights.

“Awesome” does not mean cheetah print leggings. Cheetah print leggings mean tacky.

I’m defining awesome as anything made of pinstripe, lace or embossed geometrical design.

However, the tights should complement the dress. If you wear a bright red dress, you should wear tights that are more subtle. Likewise if you wear a subtle black dress, your tights should make your outfit pop.

Also, don’t forget two high-heeled shoes.

These should not be open-toe heels unless you’re going out to dinner in Miami, but chances are, you’re not. So do your toes a favor and cover them.

The shoes you wear should be high heels to make your legs look amazing and sculpted in your dress. Boots are acceptable, especially if they’re nice leather. However, you should be able to walk in them.

Your date doesn’t want to have to carry you from State Street to Sassafras because you twisted your ankle like an amateur.

Lastly, don’t forget the frosting. When you pin your hair up, it reveals some nice neck/shoulder view, which is psychologically vulnerable and attractive for some reason.

It also makes you look mature and nicely groomed. When you let your locks down, it can send a different message such as, “I didn’t feel like doing anything with my hair today.”

If you’re 21, you have probably already learned how to dress to go out. On Valentine’s Day, it can be a new type of experience, especially if you’re meeting a date.

My personal advice is that in the atmosphere of a bar or dance club, go for a look that is cuter rather than not.

Anyone can put on a skirt and a midriff top and look like a hot mess, but it takes skill to look put-together.

Start from the bottom and break out of the booties – as in the shoes not the shorts. If they are a fun color like purple or have a bow on them, that’s all the better.

As for the tights, I recommend warmth over style in this instance. Cable-knit tights will do the trick.

Next comes my favorite part: the skirt. High waisted A-line skirt! It will look very cute and fun.

Complement it all with a fitted long sleeve top and costume jewelry and you’re set.

As mentioned before, hot mess has no place on Valentine’s Day. Likewise if you’re having a single ladies night, you do not want to look like the Man Haters League of America.

Now is the perfect time to wear those over-the-knee socks that you would otherwise think are too scandalous.

Worn with tights underneath and a cute dress or skirt is a great option for your big girly, group date.

On the other hand, tight, dark-wash jeans have their place on this day paired with a black cropped blazer and appropriately colored scarf.

Whatever you wear, your Valentine’s Day is sure to be a great one if you feel great about what you wear.



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