Hammermill’s weight room catches fire


The fire alarm at Gannon University’s Hammermill Center went off around 10:45 p.m. Monday. The building was vacant and no injuries have been reported.

Firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after and contained the fire within half an hour.

Deputy Chief Jeff Carroll said an explosion at the weight room in the basement of the building started the fire due to an electrical malfunction. The fire was called in by one of the patrol guards.

Firefighters witnessed several other explosions happen in the room before they could cut the power and tackle the fire in the building at 620 Peach St.

Carroll said the department had to cut the power of the entire area as they couldn’t only isolate the building’s power. Consequently, several Gannon buildings such as Walker Apartments have gone dark.

The department has met with Gannon’s Police and Safety Department at the scene and closed off the area around the building. They are currently assessing the damage to the building.