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Guys speak out on styles they like women to wear

I never put much consideration into how men perceive my taste in fashion.

It’s not that I don’t respect what opinions they may have. I guess I just didn’t think they had any.

My boyfriend was talking to me about “those movies where they take this normal-looking girl wearing baggy clothes and give her this big makeover that’s supposed to transform her as a person, and then she comes down the stairs wearing a ton of makeup and a tight dress.”

I asked him why he brought it up.

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“Well I always think that what she’s wearing before the makeover looks so much nicer,” he said.

What do we wear on a first date out to dinner?

Typically, you won’t find me searching through my friends’ closets for that one perfect baggy sweater. We wear little black dresses and high heels.

We wear them because they make us look good and because we think men think that it looks good, too.

During further interrogation, I asked my boyfriend why he feels the “before” is more attractive than the “after.” He answered by recalling something I wore a few days before.

It was kind of chilly out, and I had neglected to wear a jacket. So, the gentleman that he is,  gave me his blue knit cardigan to wear. It was about five sizes too big, but I was cold so I rolled the sleeves up and went to class.

That white button up, his cardigan, dark wash jeans, and Toms, is what did it for him.

He says the short, tight dress and high heels look sexy and all, but there’s just something so adorably cute about a girl wearing big, baggy clothes. She looks comfortable: herself.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been told the opposite my whole life.

If you’re trying to look attractive to men, generally, we go for tighter clothes, not baggier.

More so, I spend lots of time trying to look less tiny and more 6-feet tall.

So now that my whole perspective on what to wear to look good for my boyfriend has been flipped, turned upside down, I figured it’s time to find out what guys really think.

The gentlemen, T-Pain and Flo Rida, name a few of their preferences: “Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur,” as well as, “Baggy sweatpants and the Reeboks with the straps.”

However valid a statement that is, I don’t have any of that stuff in my closet, so this shawty decided to further the investigation and ask some of my friends what they liked to see women wear.

I asked my friend Conor what he thinks is most attractive on a woman. He said he personally really likes sundresses, but anything really flouncy or flowy.

He also said he thinks that long skirts or even those asymmetrical skirts are really flattering on a woman.

My friend Ethan said he likes it when a girl looks classy and what he really likes is when girls wear those dresses that go right above the knee.

But still some guys want what we think they want.

TJ says it depends on the girl and body type, but he thinks yoga pants and leggings are the sexiest things girls wear daily: whatever hugs the body and shows the curves.

My advice to you is: know what men like, but don’t dress yourself based on what they want.

Because the reality of it is, we don’t really know what they want. Dress for yourself.

Wear what you feel you look good in and, more importantly, what you feel great in.




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