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Fashion cheats help transform any body

Women are magicians. Every God-fearing man knows that.

We can make delicious meals from things that grow out of dirt. We remember absolutely everything. We can grow an entire human inside of us in nine months or less.

What are perhaps the most mystical things of them all are the ones you don’t even know are happening. I’m talking about the optical illusions women use to look great.

I like to refer to these as “Fashion Cheats.” They’re like gaming cheat codes but for outfit strategy.
Jenna Dunning understands the concept of “Fashion Cheats.”

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In the picture, she was dressed differently for a presentation for Active Minds. Her normal, everyday style is more bohemian.

She said she is pear-shaped so she likes to wear things that are ‘flowy’ and cover her hips, but she’s a CRS too so it’s all about the fair-trade.

I have a confession: I am in height denial. I’m 5 feet 1 inch tall and my biggest problems are not being able to change light bulbs or reach the high shelves at the grocery store. To deal with my first-world problems, I’ve had to adapt.

I wear heels – a lot – and when I’m not wearing heels, I’m looking for ways to make my body appear longer. I wear long, dangly earrings and 22 inch necklaces to make my face look less round.

I buy my clothes from the petite section so I don’t look like I’m swimming in big-sister hand-me-downs.

I also wear dark, straight-legged jeans so I look less oompa loompa, and a little more Heidi Klum.
Some commonly used tricks of the trade include looking thinner, looking taller and looking tan.
Try looking thinner by wearing darker colors. That’s basic.

You should also avoid horizontal stripes at all costs. They may be horizontal on the hanger, but when you put them on your body, blue stripes start to look more like waves.

Spandex is not your friend. Instead, wear “flowy” clothing. Wear as many maxi-dresses as you want to, as long as they aren’t dragging on the ground.

Avoid boxy clothing – stiff, inflexible material will make people look bigger than they are. Bulky jackets might hide a perfect hourglass waist because it’s stuck on some thick hips.
Look taller by wearing vertical stripes. Maybe wear a red-and-white striped dress, but don’t camouflage your legs in black tights.

Make sure all of your Y-axis is noticeable.

Avoid shoes that cut off your ankle.

If you don’t feel like wearing heels every day, wear pointy-toed shoes.

Sport a monochromatic outfit.

If you wear all one color or shades of the same color, you’ll look much taller than if you wore a couple of different patterns.

Unless you are already tall, then you should wear patterns as often as your heart desires.
Everyone should know, if you’ve got a nice tan already, you accentuate it by wearing white.

If you are freckled and albino then white clothing really isn’t going to stand out from your skin.
Try wearing colors like coral, burgundy and tan that bring out the darker pigment that’s already in your skin.

Whatever you’re looking to hide or accentuate, there is a fashion cheat for you.


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