Create your sense of style

Let’s take a moment to ponder this philosophical question: “What is fashion?”

Fashion is more than looking good.

It’s more than what you put on your body – it’s more of a why do we put what we do on our bodies.

If you look up the definition, fashion is “a manner of doing something.”

I believe what you wear has a great deal to say about the person you are and even how you may be feeling from day to day.

A person who picked the clothes off of their floor and put them on their body differs completely from a person who planned all of their outfits at the beginning of the week.

Neither one is wrong, but the former dresses out of necessity, the latter dresses out of enjoyment.

From day to day, the same individual could tiredly roll out of bed and wear yoga pants and a hoodie.

The next day they’ve got a presentation, want to feel confident and decide to wear slacks and a blazer.

What I’m trying to say is, how you feel affects what you wear. At the same time, what you wear affects how you feel. So how do we look good and feel good at the same time? We have to set a couple of standards for ourselves.

One: Wear your clothes for you.

Two: Wear your clothes with a purpose.

Three: Be consistent.

Wear your clothes for you. Don’t wear army pants and flip-flops just because Cady Heron wears army pants and flip-flops.

Jumping on a trend that everyone else is doing may be unflattering on your body and it definitely hinders your fashion creativity.

Wear your clothes with a purpose. A high school sports T-shirt and leggings don’t express much about your personality.

When I wore that to bed last night I’m pretty sure it just expressed, “I’m tired and going to bed.” Not the message you want to convey to your classmates and definitely not to your professors.

Instead wear clothes that are “you” and say something about who you are.

If you have a talkative, spritely personality, you’ll probably wear lots of colors and patterns; skirts and cute little shoes.

If you have a more reserved and collected personality, you may wear lots of solids and neutral colors, as well as shorts and pants.

Be consistent.

If you wear an evening gown one day and sweatpants Tuesday through Sunday, chances are your picture won’t be next to the definition of “fashionista.”

But if you wear generally nice clothes all week, you’ll start to hear, “you always look so cute,” and “where do you get your clothes,” maybe even a “you have such good taste.” That’s rewarding to your psyche, and it’s the incentive that makes you want to look nice more often.

In the end, what you wear is less important than why you wear it.

We’re all guilty of dressing up for the stud muffin who sits behind us in History 111. There’s no shame in that but if what you wear doesn’t make you feel confident, then you won’t look confident.

And confidence is the sexiest thing a girl can wear.




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