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Transition wardrobe from summer to fall made easy

Summer is all about bright, fun colors and fall spotlights the natural color palette — but what do we wear in between?

I can’t just take my closet from neon green and purple to browns and beiges in one day! For my query, I’ve come up with a few suggestions to prevent wardrobe whiplash.

This is a great time to sport your nautical gear in Erie. It’s nice and windy for sailing and we just wrapped up the Perry 200 celebration so locals are pretty pumped up over the American Navy, circa 1813. Therefore, to complete this look you’re going to need red, white and navy blue.

I’d start with my white shorts, put on the horizontal white and blue stripe strapless shirt I got from H&M, add my blue cropped blazer – complete with anchor buttons –  and walk out the door wearing my red Toms. That’s a pretty good start, but if I were awesome, I would have some gold anchor jewelry to polish off the job.

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Another option is to take those crazy, fun summer colors and sedate them. Neon green and purple mature into a vintage-wash forest green and purple floral print.

Maybe you don’t want any color at all. Neutral to natural sounds like a good transition. Neutral colors mean white, cream, khaki and nude.

You can’t go wrong with khaki bottoms and a white shirt. Make it a little fun by wearing shorts on the bottom and a long sleeve on the top. Make it fancy by wearing a white button up. Make it fashionable by turning the shorts to a pencil skirt, tuck in your button up with a skinny brown belt, and jump in some brown belt, and jump in some wedges.

However, there are only so many shades of khaki and cream that a person can own.

What I’ve been seeing a lot of lately that I really like is color accenting. Basically, wear a lot of one color and throw in a small splash of a fun color. This way, we get to hold on to a little of the enjoyable colors of summer while we mature into fall fashion.

One of my favorite blogs, Hello Fashion, creates the base with a vertical stripe blue dress, layers over a slightly darker blue jean blazer and wears nude heels for the shoes.

It’s all pretty analogous, and then BAM! She adds a poppy-inspired necklace and suddenly the outfit has become three-dimensional.

I hope these preventative measures for Wardrobe Whiplash have given you some inspiration for your own closet.



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