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September 22, 2023
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Until the Ball Goes Flat
September 22, 2023

With spring comes sun, with sun comes color

In anticipation for the warm spring weather, I’ve been researching trends of the season.

The warm spring air hasn’t quite landed in Erie yet, but that’s not going to stop this girl from dreaming.

Among the trends of the season are high contrast pieces, the look of the alpha female, cutout material clothing and Asian influence.

Hipsters around the world are rejoicing. Their loud, mismatched prayers have been answered.

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Though of course now that high contrasting pieces are actually trendy, hipsters will probably start wearing more conservative colors to really make a statement.

I wonder how that will work for them.

At any rate, now we finally get to use the skills we obtained in our kindergarten art class. What are complementary colors and now, how do we use them in our wardrobe.

You should be on the prowl for yellow pants to match with a blue blazer. Start thinking about where you would find green, paisley pants to go with a purple, sheer top.

Where is that red sequin tank top to go with a pleated, striped skirt?

Alpha females are, to quote an old Paris Hilton cliché, “hot.”

I personally love the strength and distinctly edgy look of masculine clothing on women.

I’m not talking about the boyfriend jeans you buy at the mall. There’s nothing distinct about those.

I mean women in pantsuits, wearing shirts that button up the whole way, and minimal makeup. It’s daring, it’s intimidating and it’s sexy. It’s a great way to prove that power is more provocative than skin.

This just enforces that the sexiest thing a woman can wear is her confidence.

As for cutouts, I recently tried this trend on for size and it did not work in my favor. I wanted this to work, I really did.

I bought a long-sleeve sheer shirt with shoulder cutouts from PacSun and when I decided to wear it I just looked tacky and sloppy. This just shows how every trend doesn’t work for everyone.

I was actually inspired by my roommate, Long Legs McGee, because with her height and broad shoulders, she makes that kind of shirt look elegant and sexy all at the same time.

If you’re looking at dresses for a formal occasion, long, tight dresses with slices taken out of the waist are being made popular on the runway by designers like Victoria Beckham. However, I would not recommend trying this style out for Easter Sunday church.

I doubt your mother wants you looking like Posh Spice on the day Jesus rose from his grave.

The next trend is Asian influence. It’s not like the Hello Kitty/Anime thing that’s been happening for some time. This is different. I can’t even really explain where the motivation for this trend came from.

Designers Emilio Pucci and Dries Van Noten have taken the traditional kimono and revamped it a little. To me it just looks like a really nice bath robe, but apparently that’s something people wear out of the house now.

Miuccia Prada has taken inspiration from Japanese origami and molded satin to that idea. It’s definitely creative, but I doubt I’ll be wearing that to class.

I hope you can take a little something from each of these ideas and come up with something great in your closet. Keep looking good, fashionistas!



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