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September 22, 2023
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September 22, 2023

Spring fashion has distinct pattern to brighten up your new season

I’d like to put out the disclaimer that I’m not Givenchy, Chanel or DKNY. I am not a high and mighty high-fashionista.

That being said, I do enjoy knowing what’s going on, on the runway. I read anything from Cosmo and Vogue to professional fashion blogs and I call that my “research.”

Most of the time the things I see are just bizarre and I wouldn’t ever try them, but almost always there are a handful of things I can take and add to improve my wardrobe.

Here’s what I’ve found is currently blooming this spring.

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I think we can all agree that zebra and cheetah print have all been done to death, but I wouldn’t throw those away just yet. Patchwork animal print looks just as interesting as it sounds. Keep just a little accent of those animal prints and pair them with dots, stripes, or any pattern you can imagine.

It seems the more complex the composition, the better. This one is personally out of my fashionability.

I am a plain jane with a closet full of basics. No periwinkle cheet-aisley print for me.

However, this makes the next trend a piece of cake for my closet.

I’m talking about the ‘60s silhouette. Plenty of solid, color-rich clothing with large details is what ‘60s fashion is all about.

You could wear something as simple as a polyester blend round-collared shirt and jeans or go all out for a polkadot frock with opaque tights, start sporting a bob and wearing pink lipstick.

This style is youthfully cute, but at the same time I feel like it has classiness to it.

If any body parts are really accentuated it’s the eyes and the legs. Your legs are meant to be the sexiest part of your appearance.

My favorite part about the ‘60s is that full-figure bodies were the most beautiful. Thank you Marilyn Monroe!

What I’ve seen on the runway that I do intend to add to my wardrobe are lots of stripes and ruffles.

Ruffled tops made of silk under a cardigan are the vision to transition from this frigid cold to a dewy spring.

I’m currently looking for a black and white striped skirt to give me a bit of an op art look that was so popular in the ‘60s. Maybe I’ll marry it to some black opaque tights and white Go-Go boots. Then again, maybe I won’t.

Some things I already have are the sheer solid color tops. Sheer material is popular with designers right now and popular with me because I love to layer my clothes.

Tuesday, I wore a sea-foam to royal blue sheer top from Papaya.

Speaking of which, go check out Papaya! Everything in the store is 30 percent off.



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