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Publishing Update
November 20, 2023
Closing the Chapter
Closing the Chapter
November 10, 2023

40-day fashion challenge makes for a more stylish Lenten season

Lent to me has always been giving up my biggest vice of the year for 40 days. Whether you’re Catholic or not I think it’s a good exercise of self-control.

Last year, my vice was pretty easy to identify. I said “See ya later” to Starbucks for 40 sad, sad days. This year wasn’t so easy. I couldn’t figure out my biggest vice.

I asked some of my friends and the responses that I got all sounded like new diets to try like, “No eating after 9 p.m.” or “No eating unhealthy things.”

I wasn’t interested.

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Instead, I took my inspiration from writing this fashion column. I took a look at myself and thought of my biggest fashion flaws.

I have some habits that could definitely stand to be laid to rest for a while, so this Lent, I’m giving up several things.

First, I promise not to wear yoga pants to class. In this cold weather, I have found myself more inclined to pull on a pair of yoga pants and boots and jaunt to my first class.

I do it because it maximizes the time I have to be warm under the covers, rather than pick out a real outfit to wear. It’s comfortable too, but I know well enough that there’s no fashion statement in yoga pants and wearing them too often can be pretty unattractive.

The second part of my sacrifice has two items. Article I states that I shall not purchase shoes during the Lenten fast. Article II states that no clothing shall be attained without that of a discount present at the time of purchase.

Should I choose to disobey these rules, my roommates will punish me by whatever means they deem appropriate.

So obviously, out of fear, I won’t be straying from the plan.

The last part of my Lenten promise is more of a challenge than a sacrifice. I often have a problem with making outfits habitual.

What I mean by that is that when I find an outfit that works, it gets locked in a rotation. For instance, I got green Gap straight khakis for Christmas.

Those khakis one day got married to a charcoal knit sweater and pink scarf, and have appeared in that exact way at least five times since break.

I just find something that seems to work and never mess with it again. It’s a flaw of mine. Now, I am going to challenge myself to go the duration of Lent making a new outfit each day.

If you’ve already given up something for Lent or even if you don’t give a darn about Lent, these things are good ideas to try out for yourself.

If you come up with something really great, or feel especially proud of yourself for a good buy or day without yogas tweet it @BriannaAdrienne #40DayFashionChallenge.



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