Dress code for any windy day

In the dead of winter it’s hard to find motivation to leave your apartment, let alone the motivation to look good.

It’s times like these when you need to remember that if you look good you’ll feel good. Let me make the process a little easier for you by telling you some easy ways to make a great outfit.

I have a suggestion that may keep you from dying of boredom in this blizzard: Try something new!

Wear something just a little bit outside of your comfort zone. Why not? You’re snowed in with nothing to do anyway.

You can wear your classic yoga pants to class. That’s fine, but this time make them skinny yoga pants or even leggings, put a neutral-color turtleneck on.

That’s right, I said turtleneck. And then: fur vest.

Smokey eyes and an up-do, and you may start to look like Mila Kunis. Then again, maybe not, but at least you’ll be comfy and look classy all at the same time.

Winter is the prime time for sparkling: ice sparkles, snowflakes sparkle and you can sparkle too.

This is the season for sequins and glitter.

One of my favorite outfits is an orange and tan blazer with a golden glittery tee underneath and brown dress pants on the bottom.

I know it sounds like a strange combination, but this is the time to surprise yourself! Try new things.

Bring some life to your closet. Pull on vibrant colors that remind you of warm, wonderful summer.

In a neon orange shirt you could not only pull some color into your wardrobe but also act as a traffic cone in this whiteout.

Maybe that’s not the best example. Let’s try: brown boots, white blouse, paisley scarf and bright emerald pants. It’s the color of the year, after all.

I dare you to try one of these suggestions.

It might not be as comfortable as the sweatpants and hoodie fashion statement, but I promise it will look a little better.



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